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In a main embodiment, prestage filtering is applied via user-definable filter parameters (e.g., reject, pass, or granularity filters) on data being transferred between a communication unit (201) and communication server (220). For downloading, e.g., email from a host post office (240), a communicati ...





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Coordinates from a digitizing tablet are processed in two modes. In a first mode (denoted the Cursor Mode for convenience) the digitizing tablet operates similar to the well know computer "mouse" allowing the user to move the cursor around the display screen to select buttons and controls by mapping ...


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An apparatus (105), system (100) and method is provided for a unified circuit switched and packet-based communications system architecture having network interworking functionality. The apparatus (105) includes a circuit switched network interface (130), with the circuit switched network interface c ...

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An adapter assembly is provided for mounting in an opening in a panel. The assembly includes a permanent housing and a mounting bracket. The mounting bracket has latch arms for securing the permanent housing within the panel opening and mating arms for receiving an interchangeable housing to be mate ...