John Livernois: Uniforms for ice hockey players. Canada Cycle and Motor Company, Rogers Bereskin & Parr, April 20, 1982: US04325148 (51 worldwide citation)

An improved uniform for ice hockey players is disclosed which provides improved protection for the player and a more streamlined appearance compared with traditional uniforms. The uniform includes an inner protective garment for the lower portion of a wearer's torso including the hips and the thighs ...

Max Florence: Toothbrush. Sulcabrush, Rogers Bereskin & Parr, July 14, 1987: US04679272 (51 worldwide citation)

A toothbrush has an elongate handle and a brushing head. The brushing head is at an acute angle relative to the handle, to facilitate brushing of lingual surfaces. The toothbrush can include a second brushing head at the other end of the handle, which is at an obtuse angle.

Derek C Harwood Nash, Charles R Fitz, Edward T Zouch, John M Smith: X-ray head holder. The Hospital for Sick Children, Rogers Bereskin & Parr, October 14, 1986: US04616814 (51 worldwide citation)

A patient head holder is disclosed for use with a CT scanner and is suitable both for adult patients and for young children. The holder includes a support which is pivotable about a horizontal axis disposed below the region in which the neck of an adult patient would lie, and the attitude of the sup ...

Robert T Whalen: Sliding door having pinion and idler wheel. Steelcase Canada, Rogers Bereskin & Parr, July 15, 1986: US04600254 (50 worldwide citation)

A horizontal sliding door for a housing such as a cabinet. An axle rotatably mounted at the rear of the door projects into two identical tracks one at each side of the housing. Each track has a lower toothed rack and an upper stop surface facing the rack. A pinion slideably and non-rotatably mounted ...

Adolf Lamparter: One way valve. Flavorcoffee Co, Rogers Bereskin & Parr, January 2, 1990: US04890637 (49 worldwide citation)

A one way valve for flexibly walled packages is disclosed. The valve comprises a unitary valve body having an outer face with a raised anvil having a first valve seat surrounding a central depression. A generally planar surface is provided adjacent the anvil forming a second valve seat. The second v ...

Henry Wemekamp: Music teaching apparatus. Computeacher, Rogers Bereskin & Parr, March 22, 1977: US04012979 (49 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for teaching a person to play a musical instrument, particularly a keyboard instrument. The chord and melody notes of a musical passage are stored in a memory in the form of chord words and melody words each comprising a predetermined number of data elements. The data elements in each c ...

Morley Markson: Footstool. Yorkvest, Rogers Bereskin & Parr, July 31, 1984: US04462636 (49 worldwide citation)

A collapsible footstool is disclosed and includes a platform and a pair of legs adapted to support the platform in an elevated position. The legs are hinged to the platform so that they can be folded inwardly below the platform and stop means are provided for preventing outward movement of the legs ...

William J Gastmeier, Rolf Dohmer: Hearing aid wax guard. Unitron, Rogers Bereskin & Parr, November 19, 1985: US04553627 (49 worldwide citation)

A wax guard for a hearing aid is mushroom-shaped, having a cross passage through its head which intersects an axial passage in its stem. The axial passage contains an acoustic filter terminating the axial passage in its characteristic impedance. The cross passage is semi-circular in section to reduc ...

Lester Krames, Kyong Kim: Nutritional value accumulating and display device. Rogers Bereskin & Parr, March 23, 1982: US04321674 (47 worldwide citation)

A device for accumulating and displaying nutritional values has first and second display units each of which displays carbohydrate, protein, fat and calorie values. Food items to be consumed are keyed into the device on a keyboard and the values assigned by the device to those items are displayed on ...

Horst Arndt, Edward S Kroetsch: Modular hearing aid with lid hinged to faceplate. Unitron, Rogers Bereskin & Parr, April 16, 1991: US05008943 (46 worldwide citation)

A modular hearing aid to fit in the user's ear, having a shell, a faceplate fixed to the shell, and an electronic module removably snapped into the faceplate. The module includes an open-topped battery compartment which is closed by a lid hinged to the faceplate rather than to the module. This elimi ...