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An artificial beta cell regulates blood glucose concentration in a subject by continuously analyzing blood from the patient and deriving a computer output signal to drive a pump which infuses insulin at a rate corresponding to the signal. A value of blood glucose concentration from the analyzed bloo ...

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A flexible dual lumen catheter is provided for use especially in prolonged access. The catheter is especially used for such access in haemodialysis treatments and includes an elongate body having side-by-side lumens, distal and proximal ends, and one of the lumens being an intake lumen for receiving ...

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A piston and cylinder assembly for a gas powered gun, has a cylinder containing a piston rod slidably movable between a loading position in which the leading end of the piston rod is in a withdrawn position, and a firing position in which the piston rod has moved forwardly. The cylinder has first an ...

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The invention provides a catheter assembly having an elongate main body extending longitudinally between proximal and distal ends. A tip structure is attached to the distal end of the main body and also extends longitudinally. The main body and tip structure combine to define side-by-side intake and ...

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A dual lumen cannula for use in haemodialysis has an improved leading end to facilitate insertion and an improved coupling for connection to blood extraction and return tubes. The improved leading end has a conical tip centered on the longitudinal axis of the cannula and, in the leading end, the ext ...

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A dual lumen catheter, for insertion into a vein of a patient for use in haemodialysis treatments, having first and second portions defining a shorter intake lumen and a longer return lumen. The intake lumen is closed at its end and receives blood through at least one opening in the side wall of the ...

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A dual lumen catheter especially for use in prolonged access haemodialysis, which meets the requirements of flexibility and softness for prolonged access in a vein, and which is shaped to include a curved portion to be placed between the tunnel and the subclavian vein.

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The invention provides a catheter having a main body extending longitudinally between proximal and distal ends and including a tip structure at the distal end, a transition portion extending from the tip structure, and a shaft extending from the transition portion to the proximal end. The main body ...

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A multiple lumen catheter is described having a flexible elongate body extending about a longitudinal axis and having a distal end with a tapered tip, a proximal end, an outer wall and a septum extending between spaced points on the outer wall. The outer wall and the septum define extraction and ret ...

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The invention comprises a low power broadcast system that is applicable especially to the so-called "electronic shelf" for retail stores, wherein the shelf edge carries price displaying modules that can be addressed and controlled from a central computer operated station. The system also permits the ...