Stanton E Fisher: Hair-containing rawhide toys. Sidney B Ring, Hyman F Glass, Roger P Glass, August 20, 1985: US04535725 (20 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to toys made of hair-containing rawhide, such as animal toys made thereof.

Eric C Coleman, Colleen P Gannon, Vincent Scott Garmon, Jonathan T Grunow, Larry Keith Hooks III: Portable data terminal and battery therefor. Hand Held Products, Roger P Glass, July 6, 2010: US07748632 (16 worldwide citation)

A portable data terminal including an elongated housing and a vertical grip. The housing has a battery well that extends traverse to a longitudinal axis of the housing. A battery pack has a longitudinal axis that, when seated in the battery well, extends traverse to a longitudinal axis of the housin ...

Louis J Sorriero, Michel F Molaire, Marie B O Regan, Wayne T Ferrar, David S Weiss, Jane Robin Cowdery: Photoconductive elements having a polymeric barrier layer. Eastman Kodak Company, John L Wood, Roger P Glass, March 15, 2005: US06866977 (8 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are photoconductive elements including a conductive support, e.g., an electrically conductive film, drum, or belt, on which a negatively chargeable photoconductive layer is disposed. An electrical barrier layer is disposed between the conductive support and the photoconductive layer. The b ...

John P Portasik: Independent, self-contained electronic spark ignition recycler. Roger P Glass, Leon Zitver, June 5, 1984: US04452582 (5 worldwide citation)

An electronic spark ignition system for a heating apparatus which does not have a means of attempting repeated ignition attempts if prior attempts at ignition fail is forced into a recycling mode by an independent, self-contained electronic spark ignition recycler. The recycler includes a temperatur ...

David W Mabrey, Daniel J Lange, Daniel J Lee: Isocyanurate-type polymers. The P D George Company, Sidney B Ring, Roger P Glass, May 1, 1984: US04446300 (4 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to polymers prepared by reacting cyanuric acid and ethylene carbonate in situ to form the corresponding Tris(2-hydroxyethyl)isocyanurate-containing polymers including polyesters, polyester-imides, polyester-amide-imides, oil-modified derivatives thereof, etc. This invention al ...