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A tip for coupling sound between a medical instrument and an ear includes a sealing surface configured to substantially conform the tip to an auditory canal of the ear. The tip includes an acoustic tube acoustically coupled to at least one of the plurality of openings and defining a first acoustic p ...

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A tip element that is capable of being removably attached to an infrared thermometer and includes an axisymetric body having a distal end and an open proximal end. A membrane is located at the distal end of the body that is formed of an infrared transparent material. At least one engagement mechanis ...

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A patch having an infrared (IR) target is placed proximate to the surface of a mammal. The patch may include an insulator for protecting the target from exterior, ambient IR and may include bar codes or other indicia uniquely associated with either the patch or the mammal. The patch may also include ...

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A connector for blood pressure measurement systems is provided, wherein the connector enables interchangeable individual connection of a cuff to various gage housings, including those equipped with a male fitting or a female fitting, yet wherein the presence of the connector also desirably prevents ...






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The diastolic blood pressure and a systolic blood pressure of a vertebrate are measured using an inflatable pressure cuff disposed about a limb of the vertebrate and connected to an inflation device through a single conduit. A pressure sensor is pneumatically connected to the cuff through the same c ...