MacRae Maxfield, Brian R Christiani, Sanjeeva N Murthy, Harold Tuller: Nanocomposites of gamma phase polymers containing inorganic particulate material. AlliedSignal, Melanie L Brown, Roger H Criss, January 31, 1995: US05385776 (158 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to a composite formed from a gamma phase polyamide such as nylon 6 having dispersed therein a particulate material such as a phyllosilicate as for example montmorillonite.

Karl W Beeson, Scott M Zimmerman, Paul M Ferm, Michael J McFarland: Process for making an array of tapered photopolymerized waveguides. AlliedSignal, Roger H Criss, Melanie L Brown, October 31, 1995: US05462700 (108 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a process for making an array of tapered photopolymerized waveguides. A photomask having opaque and transparent regions is placed in substantial contact with a substrate having a substantially uniform thickness of photopolymerizable mixture thereon. The photopoly ...

Arthur J Riches, Brian Mitchell: Electrical connector member. Allied Corporation, Roger H Criss, Roy H Massengill, November 5, 1985: US04550967 (107 worldwide citation)

A push-on pull-off connector member 30 for coupling to a standard bayonet receptacle 10 has three equi-spaced circumferential slots 36 for receiving the bayonet pins 20 of the receptacle 10. Spring rings 40 in circular recesses 38 opening into the slots 36 from each side retain the pins 20. The rece ...

Dusan C Prevorsek, Gary A Harpell, David Wertz: Ballistic resistant fabric articles. AlliedSignal, Melanie L Brown, Roger H Criss, October 14, 1997: US05677029 (101 worldwide citation)

A flexible article of manufacture especially suitable for use as a ballistic resistant body armor which comprises two or more layers, at least one of said layers being a fibrous layer, and at least one of said layers being a polymeric layer in contact with and bound to all or portion of said fibrous ...

Leon Segal: Stampable thermoplastic sheet reinforced with multilength fiber. Allied Chemical Corporation, Roger H Criss, P Henry, August 23, 1977: US04044188 (101 worldwide citation)

Reinforced thermoplastic polymer composite sheets are formable into smooth, shaped objects in a rapid stamping process in a cool mold when pre-heated outside of the mold. The characterizing constituents of the composite sheet are: (1) thermoplastic resin, (2) relatively short reinforcing fibers, (3) ...

Anatol Rabinkin: Low melting nickel-palladium-silicon brazing alloy. AlliedSignal, Ernest D Buff, Roger H Criss, August 6, 1996: US05542993 (97 worldwide citation)

A palladium-based alloy is disclosed having a composition consisting essentially of nickel in the range of about 3 to about 30 atom percent, silicon in the range of about 15 to about 20 atom percent, the balance being palladium plus incidental impurities. The alloys of the present invention are part ...

Brian R Christiani, MacRae Maxfield: Melt process formation of polymer nanocomposite of exfoliated layered material. AlliedSignal, Roger H Criss, Colleen Szuch, May 5, 1998: US05747560 (93 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a process of forming a polymeric nanocomposite comprising a continuous polymeric phase formed from a melt processible polymer having amelt processing temperature equal to or greater than about 220.degree. C. and platelet particles having an average thickness equal to or les ...

Frank Musolff, Volker Sillmann: Connector assembly. Allied Corporation, Roger H Criss, June 16, 1987: US04673236 (83 worldwide citation)

A connector assembly having enhanced shielding against electromagnetic interference. A second ground connection between the plug and the socket is provided which is in the form of a contact ring. The additional contact ring has grounding fingers and is spaced behind the first contact ring to provide ...

Michael G Henk, Jack C Summers II: Layered automotive catalytic composite. Allied Signal, Frank S Molinaro, Harold N Wells, Roger H Criss, September 19, 1989: US04868148 (82 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a catalytic composite for treating an exhaust gas comprising a first support which is refractory inorganic oxide having dispersed thereon at least one noble metal component and having dispersed immediately thereon an overlayer comprising at least one oxygen storage componen ...

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A two-component binder system for exterior grade fiberboard and other products, the first component comprising a stable aqueous solution of about 10 to 15 weight percent urea, about 30 to 40 weight percent formaldehyde, about 25 to 40 weight percent water, about 15 to 25 weight percent melamine, abo ...