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Mixing vinyl-containing polyorganosiloxane, a silicon-bonded hydrogen containing organosilicon compound, a platinum catalyst, a polysiloxane having at least one silicon-bonded vinyl radical and at least one silicon-bonded hydroxyl radical and an epoxy-containing, alkoxy silane provides a composition ...

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A silicone emulsion having a dispersed phase of an anionically stabilized hydroxylated polydiorganosiloxane and a colloidal silica and a continuous phase of water in which the pH is 9 to 11.5 provides an elastomeric product, such as a film or coating, upon removal of the water at ambient conditions. ...

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Composite membranes suitable for separating gas mixtures are made by in situ crosslinking of aminoorganofunctional polysiloxane, 1 to 9 mol percent aminosiloxane units, with diisocyanate on the surface of a highly porous polymer substrate, such as polysulfone. Using the crosslinked polysiloxane as a ...

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Olefinic siloxanes which are inhibitors for platinum catalyst can be made by the reaction of secondary or tertiary acetylenic alcohols with siloxanes having silicon-bonded-hydrogen atoms. These olefinic siloxanes inhibit the platinum catalyst such that it will not catalyze the addition of SiH to ali ...

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Mixing a hydroxyl endblocked polydiorganosiloxane, an organohydrogensiloxane, a platinum catalyst and a platinum catalyst inhibitor where the inhibitor is present in an amount of 0.0001 to 0.001 moles of inhibitor per 100 grams of hydroxyl endblocked polydiorganosiloxane and thereafter allowing the ...

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A composition curable to a silicone elastomer is prepared by mixing a triorganosiloxy endblocked polydimethylsiloxane fluid where the triorganosiloxy is dimethylvinylsiloxy or methylphenylvinylsiloxy, a reinforcing silica having a surface treated organosiloxane groups which contain 0.05 to 0.32 perc ...

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Pattern-forming material useful in producing highly accurate submicron patterns having unusually high aspect ratios at superior resolutions are obtained by using a solvent-soluble polyorganosiloxane having SiO.sub.4/2 units and at least one other organosiloxane unit which contains a high energy radi ...

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Curable polyorganosiloxane compositions are obtained from mixtures of a vinyl endblocked polydiorganosiloxane having a viscosity of from 20,000 to 100,000 centipoises, a benzene soluble resin copolymer of

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The method of dripping an alkyl silicate into a mixture of an aqueous hydrochloric acid which contains at least 5 weight percent hydrogen chloride and a trialkylsilane or a disiloxane at a temperature of from 0.degree. to 90.degree. C. is a highly reproducible method for producing a three-dimensiona ...

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A silicone composition prepared from an alkoxy-containing silicon compound, an organotitanate, and an organohydrogensilicon compound, optionally an organic solvent is useful for improving the adhesion between silicone rubber and a substrate.