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A cardiac catheter employed for minimally invasive cardiac diagnostic electrophysiology and/or cardiac ablation procedures. The catheter of this invention comprises of an elongated cylindrical and electrically non conductive main exterior tube with plurality of surface electrodes disposed on its dis ...

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A control system for generating a pulse width modulated control signal for an electrically operated refrigerant valve. The controller receives inputs from evaporator inlet and outlet temperature sensors (T.sub.in, T.sub.out) and "fuzzy" logic to compute the discrete value of pulse width change neede ...

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Water enters a common manifold at one or more individually line valved inlet ports, and is routed selectively by direct acting type solenoid operated valves to plural exit ports from the manifold.

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An automotive light switch assembly having a rotatable/pull-push type user actuator extending from a housing adapted for dashboard mounting. The rotary actuation controls the on/off functions for both the parking and headlamps and the pull-push actuation controls the on/off function for the vehicle ...

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A rotary solenoid operated valve assembly having the rotary journalled in a ball race in one end of a tubular pole piece extending through a coil. The tubular pole piece has the end distal the ball race received in the bottom of a cup-shaped stator which has salient poles on the open rim and which d ...

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A push-push latching switch assembly having a switching member with a pushbutton which is received for sliding movement in a switch housing. The housing has spring tabs for snap locking insertion into a hole in a mounting panel. The switching member has lamps disposed in a receptacle portion beneath ...

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An electrically operable pivoting mechanism (10) for causing a mirror housing (3) of a wing mirror to pivot. The mirror housing can be brought from any position into any other position manually, and can be brought from any position into the normal operational position electrically by means of the me ...

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A relatively low temperature nitrogen gas generating composition is disclosed which consists essentially of (a) from about 10 to about 50 percent by weight of an oxidizer selected from the oxides of iron, nickel and cobalt, said oxidizer having a primary particle size in the range from about 0.1 mic ...

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A reusable greeting card formed of a single-folded sheet having the greeting message provided on the upper portion of the card. The sheet is vertically folded and has at least one removable first sender's signature section extending across the bottom of the card and attached to the card by a frangib ...

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A double pole, double throw switching arrangement for effecting dynamic rotor braking of user controlled operation of a reversible direct current servo motor. Two columns of stationary center and oppositely disposed side contacts are disposed in spaced parallel arrangement on the switch base. One si ...