Richard B Greenwald, Carl W Gilbert: Interferon polymer conjugates and process for preparing the same. Enzon, Roberts & Mercanti L, April 14, 1998: US05738846 (126 worldwide citation)

Interferon-polymer conjugate containing compositions having high levels of retained interferon activity and relatively long circulating lives in vivo are disclosed. The compositions contain a mixture of mono-interferon-polymer conjugates and bis-interferon-polymer conjugates, with both species conta ...

Richard B Greenwald, Annapurna Pendri: High molecular weight polymer-based prodrugs. Enzon, Roberts & Mercanti L, November 24, 1998: US05840900 (115 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed compositions of the formula: ##STR1## wherein: D is a biologically active moiety;

Shmuel Zalipsky: Process for preparing active carbonates of polyalkylene oxides for modification of polypeptides. Enzon, Roberts & Mercanti L, September 15, 1998: US05808096 (96 worldwide citation)

Poly(ethylene glycol)-N-succinimide carbonate and its preparation are disclosed. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is converted into its N-succinimide carbonate derivative. This form of the polymer reacts readily with amino groups of proteins in aqueous buffers. The modified proteins have PEG-chains grafted ...

Richard B Greenwald, Annapurna Pendri, Yun H Choe: Acyl polymeric derivatives of aromatic hydroxyl-containing compounds. Enzon, Roberts & Mercanti L, January 4, 2000: US06011042 (72 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to conjugates such as polymeric prodrugs of aromatic, hydroxyl-containing compounds and methods of making and using the same. These polymeric prodrugs are preferably esters of hydroxyl-containing aromatic compounds and are formed by reacting a desired aromatic, hydr ...

Richard B Greenwald, Annapurna Pendri, Hong Zhao: High molecular weight polymer-based prodrugs. Enzon, Roberts & Mercanti L, October 12, 1999: US05965566 (69 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed compositions of the formula: ##STR1## wherein: D is a residue of biologically active moiety;

Richard B Greenwald, Yun H Choe, Annapurna Pendri: Trialkyl-lock-facilitated polymeric prodrugs of amino-containing bioactive agents. Enzon, Roberts & Mercanti L, October 16, 2001: US06303569 (61 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to double prodrugs containing polymeric-based transport forms. These polymeric compounds comprise the formula:

Andrew W Santella: Water fortress. Roberts & Mercanti L, July 14, 1998: US05779240 (57 worldwide citation)

A water fortress used in a game or as a toy which has a hollow plastic frame connected to a garden hose. The water fortress receives a continuous supply of pressurized water from a garden hose. Access points along the plastic frame are used to supply the pressurized water to targets and water pistol ...

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The invention pertains to dielectric films for the production of microelectronic devices. A relatively stabile fluorinated silicate glass film is produced by depositing a fluorinated silicate glass film onto a substrate and then exposing the fluorinated silicate glass film to electron beam radiation ...

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Compositions of the anticholinergic agent trospium chloride suitable for localized administration are provided, in the form of an aqueous solution having a pH-value of.gtoreq.4.5, that is prepared prior to administration. Methods of using the provided compositions for treating dysfunctions of the bl ...

Adam G Eisenberg: Curved frame structure. Roberts & Mercanti L, May 18, 1999: US05903992 (19 worldwide citation)

A curved frame structure comprising a cylindrical segment having transparent concave and convex surfaces containing a slot area therebetween and capable of retaining a photograph in the slot. A top edge and a base edge parallel to the top edge define a height, and a first side edge and a second side ...