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An infrared touch input system having bezel glare compensation via power profiling is taught. Briefly stated, a touch input system is utilized having a four-sided frame and having an infrared transparent bezel along the inside thereof and having infrared emitters along the top and one side of the fr ...

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An access floor module for use with wiring extending beneath the floor of a structure can be used with both high tension and low tension conductors. High tension and low tension outlets can be mounted on the front of a rotatable frame member. Cables are attached to the back and the frame can be inse ...

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A connector formed of mating connector halves for interconnecting corresponding conductive traces of opposed printed circuit boards. Each connector half is formed of an insulative housing with electrical elements. The electrical elements include terminals of separable signal contacts arranged in row ...

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A watertight enclosure for use in an outdoor junction box for use in housing electrical connections such as solar panel installations includes a mating base and cover. The base is bounded by an upstanding peripheral wall having a channel profiled in the top. The mating cover has an outwardly facing ...

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A high density mother/daughter circuit board connector utilizes a multi-layer flat flexible circuit, each layer of which contains a plurality of patterned arrays of circuit paths extending between spaced contact points, at least some of which are exposed through apertures in overlying layers. The mu ...

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A high speed, high density, controlled impedance connector for use between printed circuit boards is disclosed. The connector provides for both power and signal transmission. Closely spaced signal terminals are surrounded by dielectric sleeves positioned in an array, and the plural dielectric sleeve ...

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A sealed electrical connector assembly 2 used to interconnect wires 4 with a printed circuit board comprises a receptacle connector 6 matable with a pin header 8. The receptacle connector 6 includes a secondary lock 60 located on the mating face of an insulative housing 30. Integral latches 50 are r ...

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Electrical connector comprising housing with two rows of cavities having latch arms which retain terminals received therein and wedge means received in interstices between latch arms of adjacent rows. Wedge means cannot be fully received in interstices unless terminals are fully seated in cavities.

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An apparatus for use in thermally testing electrical components, especially microelectronic components, such as dual in-line integrated circuit packages is disclosed. The apparatus is for use in testing the electrical performance of components when subjected to elevated temperature. Heat is applied ...

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Hermaphroditic electrical terminals positioned within hermaphroditic insulative housings are suitable for electrical power distribution. Each terminal has an inclined contact arm opposed to a generally flat contact arm. Both contact arms are longitudinally coined. Each generally flat contact arm is ...