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For a rapid and accurate performance of surgery for the immobilization of vertebrae an implantation system is suggested in the case of which the surgical implements such as drills, chisels, bone milling or routing implements, implant guide implements, cooperate with an ancillary device, which render ...

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A prosthesis as a vertebral replacement element consists of two helical strands, which may are screwed together to form a tubular structure. The implant is inserted between vertebrae and then slightly unscrewed until the desired height is reached. The helical strands consist of carbon fiber reinforc ...

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An adjustable, mountable Doppler ultrasound transducer device is provided. The device comprises a ring segment for placement on a patient, and a transducer segment that is movably mounted on the ring segment and is provided with electrical leads for connecting the transducer segment to a Doppler ins ...

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A lancet device for puncturing the skin of mammals, especially humans, has a bushing with a grip portion and opposite the grip portion a free end defining a plane. An insert is axially slidably connected within the bushing. The insert has a first and a second end, with the first end having a grip el ...

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An exterior rearview mirror for a motor vehicle has a mirror head having a housing and a mirror pane mounted in the housing. The housing has a light window. At least one light source is mounted in the housing and positioned behind the light window. The light window consists at least partially of a l ...

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An interior rearview mirror for motorized vehicle has a mirror support and a mirror housing pivotably connected to the mirror support. A mirror glass is mounted in the mirror housing. A part of a garage door opener is mounted within the mirror housing.

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A contacting unit for a card with electronic components has a housing with an insertion slot for receiving a card with electronic components. The housing has at least one lateral slot cutout for receiving a card with electronic components. A printed circuit board is positioned within the housing. Th ...

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The invention is a method of obtaining tomographic images of the human body and the electrical impedance tomograph, in which a source of electric current is used to send electric current at levels undetectable by a human being to pairs of electrodes, between which at least two electrodes are placed. ...

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A light assembly for a motor vehicle has at least one light source connected to a circuit, wherein the at least one light source has a light output that is adjustable according to external light conditions in order to prevent blinding of the driver in a following vehicle and in order to ensure prope ...

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A motor vehicle taillight fixture has a first printed board having at least one electric connector for contacting an electric supply line. The first printed board has at least one plug-in contact. A second printed board has at least one plug-in connector for receiving the at least one plug-in connec ...