Stephen T. Avery
Robert C U Yu, Satchidanand Mishra, Richard L Post, Anthony M Horgan, Bing R Hsieh, Edward F Grabowski, Donald C VonHoene, Stephen T Avery, Scott J Griffin, Edward A Domm: Seam stress release and protrusion elimination process. Xerox Corporation, Robert Thompson, November 25, 2003: US06652691 (7 worldwide citation)

A process for providing an improved imaging member belt having a welded seam which exhibits greater resistance to dynamic fatigue induced seam cracking and delamination. An apparatus for achieving stress relaxation and eliminating protrusions in the seam region is also disclosed.

Samuel W Autrey, Harold G Drab: Narrow-band beam steering system. Hughes Aircraft Company, Robert Thompson, A W Karambelas, October 7, 1986: US04616231 (63 worldwide citation)

A narrow-band phase shift beamformer system is disclosed. The outputs from the elements in a transducer array are each divided into two components whose amplitudes are respectively proportional to the sine and cosine of the required phase shift, which are then processed so that the steered beam may ...

Roger J O Connor, Keith A Lane: Rapid frequency-hopping time synchronization. Hughes Aircraft Company, Robert Thompson, A W Karambelas, June 30, 1987: US04677617 (45 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed for synchronizing the operation of frequency hopping, spread spectrum communication devices in a network. One device (the "NTU") is deemed to be keeping the network time, to which the other devices must synchronize in order to communicate over the network. In a broadcast mode o ...

Bruce M Komadina, Vladeta D Lazarevich, August H Beining: Ambient light and electromagnetic noise reduction circuit. Electro Mechanical Systems, Hughes Aircraft Company, Robert Thompson, Anthony W Karambelas, May 27, 1986: US04591710 (36 worldwide citation)

A circuit for reducing noise and increasing the reliability of touch panels involves the use of a supplemental noise or electromagnetic interference pickup lead which extends generally coextensively with the parallel connected outputs from a series of successively coupled photodetectors and a high p ...

Gaylord E Moss: Holographic indicator for determining vehicle perimeter. Hughes Aircraft Company, Robert Thompson, A W Karambeleas, April 12, 1988: US04737001 (30 worldwide citation)

A holographic indicator for determining a vehicle perimeter location is provided. A substantially transparent hologram member can be fixed to either the windshield or the rear window and contains a holographic image of indicia representing a virtual image of an indicator that will correspond spatial ...

Paul M Wegman, J Stephen Kittelberger: Communications cartridge. Xerox Corporation, Robert Thompson, July 9, 2002: US06418283 (25 worldwide citation)

An article including: a container with an opening which container is adapted to accommodate and dispense the contents therefrom; a closure seal in contact with the container; and a signal module in communication with the closure. When the closure is infringed by an operator, the signal module will b ...

John J Ferrer: Combiner mounting and stowage mechanism. Hughes Aircraft Company, Robert Thompson, A W Karambelas, May 12, 1987: US04664475 (24 worldwide citation)

A mounting and stowage mechanism erects a head-up display combiner into the pilot's line-of-sight. One end of a crank is mounted on the combiner and is pivoted on a first link which is pivoted to a frame. A support link is pivoted on the combiner and on a drag link which is pivoted to the frame. A c ...

Neil A Marshall: Open fault location system for photovoltaic module strings. Hughes Aircraft Company, Robert Thompson, A W Karambelas, September 22, 1987: US04695788 (23 worldwide citation)

A radio frequency (rf) probing technique is disclosed for determining whether an rf signal injected into one termination of a series-connected string of photovoltaic (PV) modules has been conducted to successive positions in the string. A signal generator is provided for generating a carrier signal ...


Arno G Ledebuhr: Prism assembly for a single light valve full-color projector. Hughes Aircraft Company, Robert Thompson, A W Karambelas, September 1, 1987: US04690526 (21 worldwide citation)

A prism assembly for a single light valve, full-color projector is disclosed. The prism assembly is adapted to polarize and separate the white illumination light into the three primary colors. Three separate input images corresponding to the information for the red, green and blue components of the ...