John M Burnham: Individual ice cream dispensing receptacle. Howard Johnson Company, Robert T Gammons, January 13, 1981: US04244470 (79 worldwide citation)

A receptacle for holding refrigerated units of ice cream for individual servings comprising two hingedly connected parts which in conjunction when disposed face-to-face define an enclosure of a predetermined shape for receiving and molding ice cream and when separated permit removal of the ice cream ...

Stanley C Plagenhoef: Elastomeric shoesole. Motion Analysis, Robert T Gammons, November 25, 1980: US04235026 (76 worldwide citation)

An elastomeric shoesole designed specifically for athletic activities wherein the sole contains at the outer side of the heel and/or the inner side of the ball transversely-extending, longitudinally-spaced openings which extend to approximately the longitudinal center line and wherein the respective ...

William R Peterson: Shoesole for golf shoe. Tretorn, Donald Brown, Robert T Gammons, December 12, 1989: US04885851 (62 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to shoesoles for the bottom of golf shoes and especially to shoesoles provided with, in addition to conventional spikes at the forepart and heel, ground-engaging protrusions distribution along the inner and outer marginal edges of the soles to enhance the stance of the golfer.

Derek J Whitehead, Michael T Shepherd: Release device. Castex Products, The Wellcome Foundation, Donald Brown, Robert T Gammons, February 10, 1987: US04642230 (55 worldwide citation)

A bolus for administering a biologically active material for example an insecticide into a liquid environment such as the water of a reservoir or lake or an anthelmintic into the rumen juices of an animal comprises a succession of liquid impermeable outer segments (153, 263) enclosing a core which i ...

Si Ling Ts ao: System for control of water temperature. Robert T Gammons, December 20, 1983: US04421269 (54 worldwide citation)

A system for automatic control of water temperature by means of a plurality of pushbuttons or their equivalent bearing indicia identifying a range of available temperatures which, when actuated through appropriate circuitry, control the water valve setting as to the proportion of hot water to cold w ...

Louis S Hoffman: Package having sealed closing means. H P Hood, Robert T Gammons, September 21, 1982: US04350263 (53 worldwide citation)

A package comprising a container provided at its open top with a flange having portions of concave-convex configurations, a lid provided at the edge with a flange having portions of convex-concave configuration elastically interengaged with the concave-convex portion of the flange at the top of the ...

Damon Diamontis: Stud spacer. Robert T Gammons, December 2, 1986: US04625415 (49 worldwide citation)

A stud spacer for construction work comprising a rigid support to which spacers are fixed at longitudinally-spaced intervals corresponding to the distance between studs to hold the latter at the desired spacing while the studs are being secured.

Mariam E DiGirolamo, Joseph E DiGirolamo: Cuttlery. Robert T Gammons, June 17, 1980: US04207673 (46 worldwide citation)

An implement for assisting people in developing better eating habits comprising an instrumentality such as a fork, knife or spoon detachably attached to a hollow handle and wherein there are window openings at the top side of the handle, diodes of two different colors visible at the windows and circ ...

Aldo Morelli: Air filter. Robert T Gammons, August 16, 1988: US04764191 (45 worldwide citation)

An air filter for combustion engines used in motorized heavy equipment so structured as to be restored to full usage without replacement of the filter elements.

Brian P Doyle, John C Sparkman: Sailcloth. Howe & Bainbridge, Robert T Gammons, April 24, 1984: US04444822 (41 worldwide citation)

A sailcloth comprising a laminate of a continuous sheet of synthetic resin bonded to an unwoven, warp knit scrim and, optionally, coated on the exposed side of the warp knit scrim with a synthetic resin.

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