David W Roberts, John W Strohbehn, John F Hatch: Reference display systems for superimposing a tomagraphic image onto the focal plane of an operating microscope. Trustees of Dartmouth College, Robert Shaw, January 26, 1988: US04722056 (275 worldwide citation)

A reference display system that receives information from an imaging system (e.g., a CT scanner or the like), that extracts or derives three-dimensional anatomical and/or pathological information about a part of a body (e.g., the brain or other organ) of a patient. The information is digitized in th ...

Alexander H Slocum: Mechanisms to determine position and orientation in space. Robert Shaw, June 30, 1987: US04676002 (207 worldwide citation)

A system to move an object in space. The system includes a structural mechanism having interconnected structural beams for applying translational forces and movements to position an object held by the structural mechanism. The system has a measuring mechanism to determine, with precision, the actual ...

Sargur N Srihari, Jonathan J Hull: System to achieve automatic recognition of linguistic strings. The Research Foundation of State University of New York, Robert Shaw, March 31, 1987: US04654875 (119 worldwide citation)

A method (and system) to achieve automatic language recognition that includes the steps of introducing language in the form of strings to a mechanism that converts the language to electrical signals derived from the strings introduced, which electrical signals are the electrical analog of words in t ...

Hans E Grethlein: Process for pretreating cellulosic substrates and for producing sugar therefrom. Trustees of Dartmouth College, Robert Shaw, December 2, 1980: US04237226 (97 worldwide citation)

Processes for treating cellulosic substances prior to hydrolysis which lead to shortening hydrolysis time and to increasing sugar yield. As exemplary, an aqueous slurry of the cellulosic substance is acidified and heated to and maintained at a temperature to produce a change in the cellulosic struct ...

Alexander H Slocum: Mechanism to determine position and orientation in space. Robert Shaw, August 19, 1986: US04606696 (88 worldwide citation)

A mechanism to determine position and orientation in space of a robot linkage or the like. The mechanism typically includes a plurality of structural beams that form the linkage and each structural beam has an associated measuring beam which, in the preferred embodiment, is housed within the structu ...

Edwin P Berlin Jr: Three-dimensional display. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Arthur A Smith Jr, Robert Shaw, July 10, 1979: US04160973 (81 worldwide citation)

A three-dimensional array that, in preferred form, is a two-dimensional visual display in which a three-dimensional image is achieved by providing movement to scan space in all three dimensions.

George W Pratt Jr: Diagnostic force analysis system. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Arthur A Smith Jr, Robert Shaw, April 1, 1980: US04195643 (75 worldwide citation)

A system operable to measure the time varying forces transmitted by a body and to combine the forces transmitted by different parts of the body. The system can be employed to measure physiological forces associated with motion of the body such as the gait of humans or animals. It can also be employe ...

John P Collier: Particular surface replacement prosthesis. Robert Shaw, March 27, 1990: US04911720 (67 worldwide citation)

An articular surface prosthesis composed of a porous material that is substantially noncorrodible and nonbiodegradible by body fluids. The prosthesis serves as a replacement of, for example, a femoral cap. The prosthesis fits over the femur which is shaped, typically, to a right circular cylinder ou ...

George W Pratt Jr: Method of altering biological and chemical activity of molecular species. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Arthur A Smith Jr, Robert Shaw, Martin M Santa, March 2, 1976: US03941670 (57 worldwide citation)

A method of altering (i.e., deactivating or activating) the biological activity of macromolecular species that employs laser beam radiation at a frequency that excites vibrational and rotational states of the irradiated species and at an intensity sufficient to activate the species (but below the de ...

Alvin O Converse, Hans E Grethlein: Process for hydrolysis of biomass. Trustees of Dartmouth College, Robert Shaw, December 3, 1985: US04556430 (55 worldwide citation)

A process for hydrolysis of biomass wherein the biomass is mixed with a small amount of an aqueous acid to produce a wet meal. A non-aqueous carrier fluid is used to form a slurry of the biomass, and the temperature and pressure are established at appropriate levels to effect hydrolysis of the bioma ...