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A computer-controlled funds processing and remittance processing system, for use by individual, business and other bank customers. The system eliminates the problems associated with batch processing of remittances and remittance advices in lockbox systems. Each participating bank receives, from each ...

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The article of the invention is an optically readable label for storing encoded information, said label comprising a data energy of a multiplicity of information-encoded hexagons contiguously arranged in a honeycomb pattern, and having at least two different optical properties.

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A tightly coupled data processing system having high performance characteristics, including at least one general purpose host processor coupled to host processor ports of a High Performance Storage Unit, and a Scientific Processor directly coupled to scientific processor ports of the High Performanc ...

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An enclosed mini-plenum is inserted between printed circuit boards to direct cooling air of various amounts into selected areas of the printed circuit board. The mini-plenum provides orifices of varying sizes to direct amounts of cooling airflow to aligned heat sinks on the printed circuit board. Ce ...

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A full bridge DC-DC series-resonant power converter is operated at a constant switching frequency using a phase delay between the transistor legs of the bridge to control the output voltage. All power semiconductor devices switch on and switch off at approximately zero volts while operating at a con ...

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A computer system which uses a main processor with main memory, and operates under a specialized software operating system, provides for checking the integrity of its compiler by use of software routines which permit an authorized user or an authorized program to authorize a file as a compiler and a ...

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Interprocessor message communication synchronization apparatus and method for a plurality of processors connected to a system bus where one processor desiring to send a control signal to another processor, broadcasts an input/output write instruction on the system bus along with the address of the r ...

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Data bits are decoded from a composite signal that is formed by coding multiple bit sequences with respective spreading codes, and transmitting the coded bit sequences simultaneously and asynchronously over a single channel in which the bit sequences are added. This decoding involves a metric in com ...

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A full bridge switching power converter employs zero-voltage, resonant-transition (ZVRT) switching techniques which appreciably reduces the switching losses at high switching frequencies, (for example, 1 MHz and above), using constant frequency, pulse-width-modulation techniques. The converter is im ...

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A regulator circuit for equalizing the load currents of a plurality of power supply modules connected in common to feed a common load. Each of the modules includes a pulse-width modulator for adjusting the duty cycle of the module, thereby to adjust the voltage regulation point and corresponding cur ...