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There is disclosed a night vision imaging system for mounting on a helmet. The helmet contains a visor having a slot into which is inserted a helmet mount assembly which can be vertically adjusted within the slot by means of a control mechanism including a rotatable knob. The mount assembly is an ar ...

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A multi-layer tube suitable for use on motor vehicles composed of a cylindrical wall having an outer surface, and an inner surface essentially parallel to the outer surface. The cylindrical wall has a first region having an essentially uniform cross-sectional diameter and a second region which has a ...

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A quick connector formed of a housing has an internal stepped bore receiving one end of a male connector with a radially enlarged angular flange. A retainer has deflectable fingers which snap into receivers formed on the housing. A cylindrical sleeve is formed on the retainer for insertion into the ...

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A process and a system for multi-channel gathering and evaluation of measured data in which measured data channels are distinguished into analog data channels and into digital or event channels. By means of a signal derived from the events, or rather from event signals, and processed in the event ch ...

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A layered tubing for use in a motor vehicle composed of a thick outer tubing having an inner and an outer face, the outer tubing made of an extrudable thermoplastic such as a polyamide like Nylon 12; a thin intermediate bonding layer bonded to the inner face of the thick outer layer, the bonding lay ...

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An indicator device employed for visual and/or tactile inspection of a quick connector to confirm coupling of the male and female elements thereof includes a flag portion positioned externally of said coupling and members extending from the flag portion to embrace the female element. Engagement tabs ...

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A quick connector releasibly connects first and second conduits fixedly mounted in first and second, interconnectable connector bodies. The first body has an axially extending tubular first end, a frusto-conical portion, a reduced diameter shaft and an enlarged second end. A pair of angularly inward ...

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A temperature resistant after incident clip is engageable with a retainer and mountable along with the retainer over a male component only when the male component is fully inserted into a bore in a female component. The clip is the form of a one-piece metal body having first and second spaced legs i ...

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An electric motor, especially an electric, small-power motor for driving wiper systems of motor vehicles, in which an electronics housing (50) is arranged beside a motor housing (10) by affixing the electronics housing to a central bulge (13) on the bottom (12) of the motor housing (10).

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A tightening method and system for practicing same are disclosed herein for tightening a fastener to a desired axial load. According to the method, torque is applied to the fastener until it is tightened to its yield point and either the torque applied at the yield point or the angular rotation of t ...