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A visual display and method for producing the same. A plurality of electro-optic cells, such as liquid crystal cells, are placed in an optical series. Each of the cells receives approximately simultaneous identical signals. Due to the series relationship, the resulting contrast ratio will be signifi ...

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Object images captured by a wide-angle camera are distorted due to the optical effects of the wide-angle lens. The disclosed innovations allow an automatic analysis on the corrected image distinguishing normal movement from an unusual event movement. The analysis is based on Markov Modeling on movin ...

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In a non-volatile random access memory, a selected one of a plurality of magnetic cells arranged in an array on a major surface of a substrate is inductively switched between opposite remanent, i.e. permanent, states upon the simultaneous application of electrical pulses to a pair of conductors inte ...

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A proximity switch in which the electronic characteristics of a liquid crystal display are monitored relative to a reference liquid crystal display to determine when an operator has come into proximity thereto. A controller monitors the display elements, liquid crystal displays, respective capacitan ...

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Using the present invention, a gate for a MESFET may be fabricated having a minimum gate length while having a low resistance gate. In addition, the present invention provides a method for forming a gate and gate recess which are perfectly aligned which is the optimal structure for high frequency po ...

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Methods and systems of transmitting a plurality of views from a video camera are disclosed. A multi object processing camera captures a wide-angle field of view in high resolution and a processing circuit executes a plurality of software tasks on a plurality of regions extracted from the wide-angle ...

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A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor layer of a first conductivity type and a semiconductor layer of a second conductivity type formed thereon. The semiconductor layer of the second conductivity type is characterized by a first thickness. The semiconductor device includes a set of trenche ...

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A graphics accelerator which includes a dedicated virtual memory manager which manages at least some host memory, as well as dedicated graphics memory, and which manages memory during mipmapping using at least two separate pools of memory.

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A method and apparatus for signalling the surface operator about downhole conditions. Sensors located downhole collect data while drilling and the data is processed to determine bit failure, for example. When the sensor data indicates a failure, the pressure of drilling mud is varied using a valve o ...

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Methods and systems for transforming electric power between two or more portals. Any or all portals can be DC, single phase AC, or multi-phase AC. Conversion is accomplished by a plurality of bi-directional conducting and blocking semiconductor switches which alternately connect an inductor and para ...