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An organic electroluminescent multicolor image display device is disclosed containing an image display array made up of a plurality of light emitting pixels arranged in intersecting files (rows and columns). Each pixel contains a light transmissive first electrode, an electroluminescent medium overl ...

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A method for determining the orientation of a digital image, includes the steps of: employing a semantic object detection method to detect the presence and orientation of a semantic object; employing a scene layout detection method to detect the orientation of a scene layout; and employing an arbitr ...

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In methods and systems for classifying capture records, such as images. A collection of capture records is provided. Each capture record has metadata defining a map location. This metadata can be earlier determined from a stream of data transmissions, even if there are gaps in transmission. The prov ...

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In a camera and method, a scene is captured as an archival image, with the camera set in an initial capture configuration. Then, a plurality of parameters of the scene are evaluated. The parameters are matched to one or more of a plurality of suggested capture configurations to define a suggestion s ...

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A fuser member useful for heat-fixing an electrographic toner to a substrate. The fuser member has a core and a layer overlying the core. That layer includes a cured fluorocarbon random copolymer having subunits with the general structures: ##STR1## where x is from 30 to 90 mole percent, y is from 1 ...

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Sulfonium, selenonium, arsonium, ammonium and phosphonium salts, useful as photoinitiators, comprise: