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A portable electrical energy source includes a portable housing having an outer surface and defining an interior space. A direct current battery is disposed in the interior space. A direct current socket is supported on the housing and electrically coupled to the battery for supplying direct current ...

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A tag or label includes first and second sheets having facing sides. A thin, flat, flexible device is disposed between the facing sides of the first and second sheets and has opposing flat surfaces meeting at a perimeter surrounding the device. An adhesive fixes the facing sides of the first and sec ...

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In order to prevent wanted signal capacity from being reduced during OFDM modulation of digital coded data, control symbol protecting intervals in the frame head of each OFDM transmission frame are larger than data symbol protecting intervals in wanted data areas of each OFDM transmission frame. The ...

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The invention relates to a method and a device for the online processing of mail items to be forwarded. In the process, an image of the mail item is taken and the mail item is stored in an intermediate storage area. Following digitizing, the areas with interesting information are determined and forw ...


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An electrode arrangement for stimulating the heart by means of the following elements: an implantable cardiac pacemaker which generates electrical pulses; a first electrode (

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A divide-and-conquer (DAC) method and system improve the detection of abnormalities, like lung nodules, in radiological images via the use of zone-based digital image processing and artificial neural networks. The DAC method and system divide the lung zone into different zones in order to enhance th ...

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A pressure for a chamber is regulated by controlling either the exhaust pressure at the exhaust side of a first vacuum pump or the internal pressure at a compression stage of the first vacuum pump, where the first vacuum pump is directly communicating with the chamber. The pressure of the chamber ca ...


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An automated detection method and system improve the diagnostic procedures of radiological images containing abnormalities, such as lung cancer nodules. The detection method and system use a multi-resolution approach to enable the efficient detection of nodules of different sizes, and to further ena ...