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A hybrid manual/programmable thermostat for a furnace or air conditioner offers the simplicity of a manual thermostat while providing the convenience and versatility of a programmable one. Initially, the hybrid thermostat appears to function as an ordinary manual thermostat; however, it privately ob ...

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A variable capacity refrigeration system includes a control scheme having three interrelated closed loops. The system includes a refrigeration system controller and at least one variable speed, electronically commutated DC motor driving a compressor. In the first closed loop, the controller supplies ...

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A lid includes a seal indication window for viewing a corresponding seal indication surface on the rim of a container. This provides a quick visual indication of whether the container is closed properly.

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An outdoor, battery powered digital camera includes a passive infrared motion detector that allows the camera to be left unattended, as the detector automatically triggers the camera to take a picture upon sensing the presence of a moving animal. To prolong the life of the battery, the camera goes i ...

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A refrigeration system for temperature conditioning several comfort zones includes several VAV (variable air volume) valves each having a hot water coil conveying water whose flow rate is regulated by a PWM (pulse-width modulated) solenoid valve. Each VAV valve is connected to a supply air duct conv ...

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A method of removing a pipe string anchored in cement within a wellbore involves the use of a coupling cutter having a linear charge that is magnetically oriented radially and rotationally within the pipe. The coupling cutter also has a coupling sensor that identifies the location of a coupling elec ...

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A solenoid valve used as an expansion valve in a refrigeration circuit has an opening that varies as a function of the pulse width of a high frequency PWM (pulse width modulated) control signal. A transistor controls the electrical current delivered to the solenoid valve. The PWM control signal rapi ...

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Inside the hermetic shell of a scroll compressor, a normally closed solenoid valve seats against the back side of a stationary scroll plate to close a discharge opening through the plate. A coil circuit that actuates the valve has an electrical resistance that increases with temperature. The tempera ...

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A control and method for varying the capacity of a centrifugal chiller system used to cool a liquid to a setpoint temperature. The control permits the user to select the setpoint, the control gain, and two variables that determine a first deadband and a second relatively wider deadband about the set ...

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This controller is used for controlling a centrifugal compressor along its path of minimum power consumption while avoiding a surge condition. It is especially useful in a refrigeration system having a variable speed centrifugal compressor with adjustable inlet guide vanes. In such an application, t ...