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A dual-gas fuel tank assembly for a fuel cell driven vehicle wherein the fuel tank is interposed within the vehicle frame as an integral portion thereof with the tank assembly having a plurality of cylindrical pressure tanks of composite material construction for containing oxygen gas and the cylind ...

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A heat pipe heat exchanger for regulating the temperature of a wellstream fluid conveyed in a subsea pipeline from a wellhead has an annular reservoir surrounding a section of pipeline adjacent the wellhead. One or more heat pipes extend from the annular reservoir into the seawater. In a heat remova ...

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A patient support stretcher for X-ray units is formed by curing a multiple layered composite in situ on a balsa wood core.

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An arrangement for providing radio frequency and electromagnetic interference protection to at least part of circuitry mounted on a circuit board comprises alternating slots and bridges which form a boundary between a protected area of the circuit board and an unprotected area of the circuit board. ...

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An apparatus for near vertical laying of pipeline offshore. A support frame and movable deck on a lay vessel support a tower at the desired angle for pipe laying. The tower has a travel block that is movable between open and closed positions for receiving a pipe section and supporting the weight of ...

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A riser tensioning device that utilizes parallel air cans. A stem having an inner diameter larger than the outer diameter of the riser is positioned around the riser and is fastened in position at the wellhead of the riser on the offshore structure. A yoke attached to the stem supports a number of s ...