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A vehicle monitoring system is described having an arrangement installed within a vehicle, wherein the system includes an external data terminal for communicating information to a remotely located base station. The arrangement includes a plurality of communication modules, each being capable of comm ...

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An electromagnetic wave guiding rotary joint admitting of rotary motion about two or more axes. A spherical journal and a complementary spherical race afford electromagnetic communication between two wave guiding means.

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A method and system for previewing accessories prior to purchasing is disclosed. In one embodiment a first image of a portion of a person can be provided to an input device. Then, a second image including an image of an accessory is selected from an electronic database of accessory images. After obt ...

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A wide range digital phase detector employs a pulse count generator which provides mutually exclusive counting pulses corresponding to the pulses in the two pulse trains to be compared, thereby ensuring that all pulses including those which are coincident are properly registered and accounted for.

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Disclosed is a digital zero-IF selectivity section circuit which operates on a recovered input signal, digitally clocked by a first clock at a rate of FS, in receiver device. The circuit uses a second clock operating at a lesser rate than the first clock to clock an N-order FIR digital filtering mea ...

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In a communication system having a communication channel for transmitting data between a base station and a plurality of mobile radio units, wherein each radio unit has a unique identification (ID) code and wherein transmissions from each radio unit to the base station include the unit's ID code, a ...

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A ceramic filter includes a multiple zero bandstop filter function. The ceramic filter has a dielectric block with top and bottom surfaces and at least two holes, including a first hole and a second hole, extending from the top surface toward the bottom surface of the block. The block is selectively ...

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An improved cellular telephone communication system is described having operational steps which prevent a call from being dropped due to a radiotelephone not receiving a handoff instruction from its host base site. The system includes a switch controller for determining that the radiotelephone requi ...

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A processor-based tripping system uses a precise three phase current detection circuit using a minimal number of components. A set of current sensors is situated adjacent the current path to sense respective phases of current therein. The current sensors provide respective current signals therefrom ...

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Disclosed is a communication system of the type adapted to communicate a message substantially simultaneously between a plurality of fixed location sites having respective radio coverage areas. The system has an arrangement comprising first and second radio frequency transceiver means located at res ...