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An automatic printed wiring board (PWB) defect detector is described. The detector comprises an array of optical sensors for optically inspecting a printed wire circuit. The array forms a binary image pattern of the PWB which is tested for compliance with logical rules of correctly printed PWB's reg ...

Arthur Schlang: Text line bounding system. Litton Systems, Robert F Rotella, Michael H Wallach, December 10, 1985: US04558461 (69 worldwide citation)

A text line bounding system for non-mechanically adjusting for skewed text in scanned text. The data from scanned page texts are divided into vertical swaths and all pixels at respective vertical levels within each swath are set black if any one pixel within the swath at the level is black. Intersec ...

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A lightweight deformable mirror suitable for space applications is disclosed in which a plurality of electrically-operated electrodistortive actuators may be used to selectively deform the mirror's reflecting surface. The actuators are sandwiched between a pair of thin sheets of glass with the surfa ...

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An article of seating comprises a shell member and a skin member in contact with the shell member, the skin member being attached to the shell member throughout substantially the entire surface area of mutual contact between the skin member and the shell member.

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A sensitive wavefront sensor combining attributes of both a Hartmann type of wavefront sensor and an AC shearing interferometer type of wavefront sensor. An incident wavefront, the slope of which is to be detected, is focussed to first and second focal points at which first and second diffraction gr ...

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A method is disclosed for manufacturing multilayer printed circuit boards in which one or more layers thereof, including intermediate layers, may include one or more screened on resistors. The method is particularly well suited for use where large numbers of resistors are required on one or more int ...

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A portable calculator utilizing a solar panel array which can be either slidably moved within the calculator's housing or pivotly connected to it and which when exposed to incident light provide power for the calculator.

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A technique for reproducing an image in a set of grey scale steps is disclosed including: providing a plurality of superpixels for providing an output representative of an image; providing a set of threshold levels for each pixel in a superpixel, which set is different from each of the sets of thres ...

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A fluoroscopic image is processed digitally using a television camera operating at a frame rate of at least 30 frames per second viewing the image and providing an analog video output, a digitizer which digitizes the analog video output to provide digital information representative of the analog sig ...

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A panel having bristle-covered access to the interior thereof and a desk having bristle-covered grooves is disclosed. The panel is comprised of a panel frame made up of panel frame assembly members which function both to retain the panel faces within the frame and to orient and retain the bristles o ...