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An apparatus for controlling the exposure of a solid state image sensor array monitors the semiconductor substrate current produced as charge signal accumulates during an exposure of the array to radiant energy. The exposure of the array is controlled in response to an output signal representative o ...

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An off-the-air color video recorder employs frequency interleaved chroma and luminance signal information for purposes of bandwidth compression. During playback, a shooting gallery picture defect characterized by motion along horizontal scene edges was noted. Analysis indicated the problem source to ...

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In an effort to provide exceptionally high resolution playback of video information recorded in the environment of an electronic still camera, the invention calls for:

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In a fast frame recorder having (1) a video camera adapted to produce signals corresponding to a variety of frame rates, (2) a variable speed tape recorder adapted to down-convert the frame rate of the camera signals to a reference frame rate by appropriately reducing the recorder tape speed to a re ...

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Fast frame recorder apparatus is known wherein information corresponding to an object of interest is recorded at a fast frame rate (e.g., 2,000 frames per second) and displayed at a slower frame rate (e.g., 60 frames per second) to produce a slow motion replay of the object. In accordance with the p ...

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A flying head slider is flown above a rigid rotating magnetic disk at such a height that it is both aerodynamically stable and immune to collisions with disk asperities. A position adjustable magnetic transducer is mounted on the slider and is controllably lowered to an operating position very close ...

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Flux sensitive apparatus, in one form thereof, employs paired thin single domain magnetic film structures, the easy magnetization axes of which are canted with respect to the direction of sense current flow therewithin. The magnetization vectors of the film structures are opposite with respect to ea ...

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A reel for use with a web material such as a magnetic recording tape, a photographic film, etc, wherein the reel is so designed as to enable the web to be removed from the reel without first unspooling the web from the reel. The reel comprises a first and a second flange assembly, each having a flan ...

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The advantages of magnetron sputtering can be applied to magnetic target materials by substantially reducing the saturation magnetization of the target material temporarily, such as by heating the target material to its Curie point, and magnetron sputtering the magnetic material while in such a stat ...

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Trackwise disparity between inductive record and magneto-resistive playback heads which are built on a common support is measured and memorized. Thereafter, during head-positioning, the memorized disparity is employed as a track-address bias for proper registration of the playback head, irrespective ...