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An improved site protector of simple one-piece construction includes a convex tapered bubble as the main body portion, and a plurality of aeration openings defined at step-down portions of the bubble, the step-down portions providing strength, stability and rigidity to the bubble. A locking member p ...

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The invention provides a surfactant mixture, comprising a zwitterionic surfactant, a nonionic surfactant and a cationic surfactant, which forms a foamable liquid composition upon addition to aqueous media including fresh water, brines, acids and water/alcohol mixtures. The foams prepared from the fo ...

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An improved package for a medical device includes an inner wrap that envelopes the medical device, the inner wrap including a gas-permeable surface, and a chamber defined in the inner wrap to store a hydratable sensor of the medical device. Plumbing for the package controls fluid flow into and withi ...

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A blood sampling system incorporates a fluid storage mechanism which can be disposed along the longitudinal axis of a fluid line extending from an injection site to a fluid supply. Both the main body portion of the fluid storage mechanism and a fluid draw element of the fluid storage mechanism are a ...

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Stabilized amorphous calcium carbonate which is useful as a carbonate factor in effervescent compositions. Process for preparing stabilized amorphous calcium carbonate and compositions containing stabilized amorphous calcium carbonate.

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An improved segmented peristaltic cartridge comprising a housing and a cover for assembly in snap-fit relation, said housing and cover defining a pumping chamber having an open segment therein wherein the pumping chamber holds a rotor, a rotor sleeve and a section of flexible tubing looped around th ...

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A multiple inlet manifold for mixing and transporting therethrough fluids under pressure comprising a manifold body including a plurality of valve inlets and a single outlet, a mixing chamber provided between the valve inlets and the outlet, and a flexible membrane disposed between the valve inlets ...

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Oil well production fluid composed of oil and water and containing in excess of 100 ppm water soluble petroleum carboxylates in anionic form dissolved in the water is treated by acidifying the fluid to a pH of 6.0 or lower with a strong acid and then is intimately mixed. The oil and water are separa ...

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Nitrogen-containing dithiocarbamic acids are used as reverse demulsifiers, corrosion and scale inhibitors, flocculants, biocides, flotation aids, water clarifiers, interface control agents and antifoaming agents.