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A sensor for measuring the concentration of an analyte in a solution is disclosed. The sensor may be adapted for use as either an amperometric or a potentiometric sensor. It includes a membrane having a biologically active protein immobilized within. The membrane is attached and reliably sealed to a ...

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A sensor device for measuring the concentration of an analyte in solution is described. The device includes a composite membrane which incorporates a porous membrane containing an immobilized biologically-active protein and at least one other membrane. The other membrane may optionally be a blocking ...

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A disposable fluid infusion pumping chamber cassette comprises a sandwich type construction which lends itself to a multiplicity of control and monitoring functions including pressure monitoring, air bubble detection monitoring, adaption to multiple inputs, and leak detection monitoring, the cassett ...

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A multi-lumen, multi-purpose cardiac catheter which incorporates optical filaments and an optical coupler for use with external apparatus for determining the oxygen concentration in the blood of a patient under critical care conditions, as well as incorporating therein a heater coil useable with a s ...

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This invention relates to a disposable cassette having a pumping chamber therein and with a controlled positive displacing pump driving apparatus for use with the cassette, for performing intravenous or intra-arterial infusions. More particularly, it pertains to disposable cassettes which include an ...

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An apparatus and method for welding or thermally bonding parts of thermoplastic material by subjecting a die to high frequency electromagnetic radiation to effect heating thereof and heating of thermoplastic parts in contact with the heated die. The die is continuously cooled to permit rapid cooling ...

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A latching piercing pin useable to retain the pin and an associated fluid vial in latching relation. Latching members provided on the pin engage a peripheral lip provided on the end cap of the vial to maintain the latching relation between the pin and the vial. The pin is useable with vials and end ...

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Fracture acidizing fluids are provided containing an encapsulated breaker which releases breaker at a regulated rate over time.

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A pressure sensor assembly includes two spacedly positioned flexible supports which support an elongated rod, with one end of the elongated rod contacting a pressure detector section on a disposable pumping cassette; the pressure sensor assembly can detect pressures in the cassette both above and be ...

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There is provided a biocide composition for oil field fluid polymers and oil field water polymers. The composition comprises a biocide adsorbed on the surface of a solid, particulate adsorbent. The composition lessens personal and environmental contamination by spilled or splashed liquid biocides.