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The invention is a method and system for listing and brokering a commodity and its financial derivatives. The method identifies a plurality of characteristics of a particular commodity, and then enters those characteristics into the database of a data processing system utilizing a real-time clock. A ...

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The invention is a method and apparatus for measuring the dimensions of a parcel for use in a parcel processing application of a data processing device, wherein a parcel is placed in a predetermined position on a weighing scale with a platform having at least two raised sides for placing the parcel ...

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A report generation system and method for generating a report at predetermined timed intervals is described. In accordance with the teachings of this invention, system usage data is read from a memory device. A report template file controls print control commands which identifies the system usage da ...

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A carrier management system having the capability to compute discounted shipping charges. The carrier management system includes inputs for input of parcel weight, information for selecting a class of carrier service, a parcel identification number and operator input signals. A data processor respon ...

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A mail handling system and apparatus accepts randomly arranged mail, determines the location of postage indicia on individual pieces and feeds the pieces to separate conveyors in response to the determination of indicia location to orient the same and enables combining the conveyed mail pieces so th ...

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A deodorant dispenser of the kind comprising a receptacle containing a pad impregnated with a deodorant material wherein the receptacle is provided with relatively rotatable top parts containing openings which on the one hand may be aligned by rotation of the parts and on the other hand positioned t ...

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A material for scavenging oil slick and/or oleaginous fluids comprising paper-machine sludge combined in the presence of water with a hydraulic cement and dried.

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A sachet comprising a case of fabric defining an enclosure containing a stuffing of fibrous material within which is embedded a frangible capsule containing a volatile material releasable into the stuffing by fracturing the capsule.

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A system for metered dispensing of a product comprising a hermetically-sealed package containing sealed therein product to be dispensed, together with a pressurizing agent and a pump for dispensing the product. The pump discharge pressure of which is substantially independent of the internal pressur ...

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A system and method for relating the delivery of a mail piece or package to what is inside the mail piece or package. Thus, when the mail piece or package is received and signed for by a recipient the mailer will have proof that the recipient received the mail piece or package and what was inside th ...