Robert Mericle: Surgical stapling instrument. Edward Weck Incorporated, Robert E Lee, Gene Warzecha, February 12, 1991: US04991764 (272 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling instrument includes first and second body members pivotally and detachably connected to each other, each having an elongated jaw to grip tissue therebetween to be stapled together. The instrument further includes a toggle joint pivotally connected on one of said body members and ...

Robert L Guest, Alexander S Withers: Hemostatis valve. Edward Weck Incorporated, Gene Warzecha, Robert E Lee, March 19, 1991: US05000745 (247 worldwide citation)

An introducer sheath assembly having an improved valve assembly including at least three elastic disc shaped membranes. A first membrane has a circular hole through the center to sealingly receive a catheter while a second membrane has a center hole smaller than the hole in the first membrane to sea ...

Peter L Steer: Attachment assembly for use on the human skin. E R Squibb and Sons, Donald J Barrack, Robert E Lee Jr, January 2, 1990: US04890608 (225 worldwide citation)

An attachment assembly is disclosed for attaching an article such as a wound cover or a prosthesis to human skin. The article attached may be, for example, a cover or dressing over a wound or a fistula or other lesion, it may be an eye patch or a breast prosthesis for use after masectomy or it may b ...

Robert L Guest: Spiral multi-lumen catheter. Edward Weck Incorporated, Lawrence S Levinson, Robert E Lee Jr, January 3, 1989: US04795439 (203 worldwide citation)

An improved multi-lumen catheter having lumens which do not extend in a straight line down the length of the catheter is disclosed. The twisting of the catheter provides that side holes which extend into the lumens of the catheter are not aligned in a straight line. Accordingly, when the catheter is ...

Richard L Mueller: Catheter having slit tip. Edward Weck Incorporated, Lawrence S Levinson, Robert E Lee Jr, January 31, 1989: US04801297 (150 worldwide citation)

The present catheter employee a series of axial slits adjacent to its tip. The slits act to increase the flexibility of the catheter adjacent the tip thereby providing pressure relief in the event of blockage of the lumen at the tip. In addition, by forming the slits as slots, i.e. by removing mater ...

Isabelle M Adams, James M Carlson, James B Rooks, Amalia Yeshaya: Method and apparatus for ECG rhythm analysis. Spacelabs, Lawrence S Levinson, Robert E Lee Jr, May 20, 1986: US04589420 (143 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for automatic rhythm analysis of digitized ECG signals. Candidate heartbeats are detected and the noise of the ECG signal portion containing the candidate is evaluated to determine whether the candidate is a valid nominal or noisy beat or an invalid noisy saturated signal. The ...

Seik Oh, Ray McKinney Jr: Plastic ligating clips. Edward Weck Incorporated, Lawrence S Levinson, Robert E Lee Jr, May 30, 1989: US04834096 (136 worldwide citation)

A polymeric, surgical clip having first and second curved leg members joined at their proximal end by a reduced thickness hinge portion and movable from an open position to a closed position for clamping a vessel between curved opposing inner surfaces which are substantially parallel when the clip i ...

Randolph E Campbell, I Martin Spier: Quick disconnect tube coupling. E R Squibb & Sons, Lawrence S Levinson, Robert E Lee Jr, April 8, 1986: US04580816 (104 worldwide citation)

A tube coupling having a male body, a female body for receiving at least a portion of the male body and at least one peripheral member made from a relatively compressible plastic material molded into a groove within either the relatively rigid male or female body. The peripheral member is disposed t ...

David C Auth: Side mount guidewire gripping device. E R Squibb and Sons, Lawrence S Levinson, Robert E Lee Jr, May 16, 1989: US04829999 (101 worldwide citation)

The guidewire gripping device is usable in connection with guidewires of the type used in medical application, i.e., for guiding catheters. The guidewire gripping device is constructed from a spring loaded, slitted cylindrical body.

Mark I Simon, Christopher G Cotter, Carolyn Stein Gelinas: Apparatus and method for automatic lead selection in electrocardiography. Spacelabs, Lawrence S Levinson, Robert E Lee Jr, March 25, 1986: US04577639 (94 worldwide citation)

An ECG electrode impedance measuring approach is utilized which can determine, simultaneously, the condition of all electrodes in a three or five lead ECG monitoring configuration. A CPU automatically selects an ECG lead configuration in which all electrodes are attached to the patient and are below ...