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A flexible surgical stapler assembly includes a staple firing head assembly and a handle actuator assembly connected to the staple firing head assembly through a flexible spine. The staple firing head assembly includes an anvil assembly defining an anvil surface which provides an array of staple for ...

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An implantable demand medication delivery assembly for delivering measured aliquots of liquid medication. The assembly includes a reservoir which stores the liquid medication to be delivered. The assembly also includes a pump which is in fluid communication with the reservoir. The pump includes a ho ...

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A hemostatic clip device capable of being mounted to a surgical applicator and applied to a blood vessel so as to prevent blood flow. The clip device includes a pair of semi-rigid legs having free ends and opposed ends connected to a bridge. The legs are movable from an open mode in the applicator t ...

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A shunt system for implantation in the body comprises a body having an inlet and an outlet and a first fluid-flow passageway extending between the inlet and outlet. A pressure regulated valve is provided within the first fluid-flow passageway to provide fluid flow at selected fluid pressures in the ...

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A lock for a syringe which typically may be used with an aspirating biopsy needle. A malleable sheet defining a central, cutaway portion extending through the edge of the sheet and having foldable tabs positioned on the outer edge of the sheet is carried on a syringe barrel and may be used to lock t ...

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Fluorogenic substrates for proteolytic enzymes having the formula: ##STR1## or acid salts thereof wherein: R.sub.1 is hydrogen-L, hydrogen-D, benzoyl, benzenesulfonyl, glutaryl, pyroglutamyl, carbobenzoxy, D-serine, or carbobenzoxy-serine;

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A liquid meter assembly for collecting, metering and monitoring liquid is disclosed. The assembly comprises a container for collecting the liquid, an electrically powered strain gauge suspension device for supporting the container and for determining the weight of the liquid collected in the contain ...

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Stabilized and activated Factor VIII is used as a therapeutic agent to treat patients with a Factor VIII deficiency. This includes hemophilia A patients as well as patients with Factor VIII inhibitors which block the hemostatic activity of Factor VIII. The stabilized and activated Factor VIII is als ...

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An improved system for actuating wheel engaging ring brakes for a hospital stretcher, bed, or the like. The brake includes an elongated rotational member extending longitudinally along the stretcher to actuate pivot arms adjacent one front wheel and one rear wheel to prevent the wheels from rolling. ...

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A snap-on retention ring by which a hospital pharmacist can easily attach an additive cap over a sealed closure of a medical liquid container after the pharmacist has added supplemental medication to the container. The retention ring can be of a bright color as a reminder to a nurse that additive dr ...