Kevin Jon Lawson: Prosthetic nucleus replacement for surgical reconstruction of intervertebral discs and treatment method. Robert Charles Hill, November 14, 2000: US06146422 (277 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic nucleus replacement comprises a solid flattened oval disk. The top surface of the disc is domed and has a crest that is about three times higher than the crest on the domed bottom surface. Both top and bottom surfaces are therefore convex. A peg extends down from the middle of the botto ...

Ole D Krogh: ECR plasma source for remote processing. Robert Charles Hill, September 19, 1995: US05451259 (140 worldwide citation)

An apparatus is described as a source of a plasma for remote, or downstream, processing with a variety of applications. The plasma is produced in a gas by cooperation between a magnetic field of the proper strength and microwave energy of the proper frequency. The microwave field enters a chamber th ...

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A circuit component assembly and a method for forming the assembly as an annular body in a laminate, preferably between a trough-hole or via and a surrounding conductive layer in a PCB are disclosed, the circuit component assembly including one or more resistors/conductors, inductors and dielectrics ...

Pat R Mitchell, Kevin A Haslebasher: Automated warehousing system and method. California Natural Products, Robert Charles Hill, November 25, 2003: US06652213 (92 worldwide citation)

An automated warehouse system for a building has elevators for automatically accepting incoming material on pallets. A rotating forklift mounted inside the elevator extends its forks to reach out and bring in the pallets. Once inside, the rotating forklift spins around to face inside warehouse doors ...

Kevin Jon Lawson: Cable-anchor system for spinal fixation. Robert Charles Hill, August 21, 2001: US06277120 (90 worldwide citation)

A spinal-fixation system comprises a dual parallel bridging that runs along a posterior length of the spine and is anchored with cables looped through a dorsal corner of the spinal canals of respective adjacent vertebrae.

Kevin Jon Lawson: Surgical tool and method for passing pilot-line sutures through spinal vertebrae. Robert Charles Hill, July 23, 2002: US06423071 (88 worldwide citation)

A method for installing spine-stabilization components comprises directing a long plastic flexible tool through a sublaminar space of a human spine vertebrae inside the spinal canal. Such tool enters the sublaminar space of a particular one of the human spine vertebrae posteriorly from the intervert ...

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A shoe sole construction is provided with a flexible bladder which is only partially filled with a non-compressible fluid. Preferably the fluid is water. The partially filled water bladder allows the water to flow from one portion of the bladder to other portions of the bladder during the walking cy ...

Imad Mahawili: Thermal pad for portable body heating/cooling system and method of use. John A Bucher, Robert Charles Hill, January 23, 1996: US05486207 (67 worldwide citation)

A thermal pad for use with a portable body heating/cooling system and method of use wherein the system includes a reservoir for hot/cold fluid, supply and return tubes for connecting the reservoir with the pad, pump means for continually circulating fluid between the reservoir and the pad and suitab ...

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A method and apparatus are disclosed employing electron cyclotron resonant (ECR) heating to produce plasma for applications including but not limited to chemical vapor deposition and etching. A magnetic field is formed by magnets circumferentially arranged about a cylindrical and symmetrical chamber ...

Olajire Idowu: Gastrostomy tube with expandable insertion tip. Robert Charles Hill, December 28, 1993: US05273529 (59 worldwide citation)

A gastrostomy tube including a tube with a plurality of flexible legs, each leg having an end joined to an exit end of the tube and another end joined to other ends of the legs to form an expandable Malecot tip. A cord is slideably positioned in each tube with one cord end secured to the joined ends ...