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A mercury removal system for removing mercury from combustion flue gases is provided in which alkaline sorbents at generally extremely low stoichiometric molar ratios of alkaline earth or an alkali metal to sulfur of less than 1.0 are injected into a power plant system at one or more locations to re ...

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A method for capturing and reducing the mercury content of an industrial flue gas such as that produced in the combustion of a fossil fuel or solid waste adds a chelating agent, such as ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) or other similar compounds like HEDTA, DTPA and/or NTA, to the flue gas bei ...

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Chlorine and sulfide species are separately introduced to a flue gas passing through a scrubber in order to remove the elemental and oxidized mercury from the gas through the precipitation of mercuric sulfide at near 100% efficiency.

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A low resistance splice connects two cable-in-conduit superconductors to each other. Dividing collars for arranging sub-cable units from each conduit are provided, along with clamping collars for mating each sub-cable wire assembly to form mated assemblies. The mated assemblies ideally can be accomp ...

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A method and apparatus for separating a wellhead fluid mixture containing oil and gas phases obtained from hydrocarbon production systems into its constituent parts employs a pressure vessel having an inlet for entry of the wellhead fluids mixture and an outlet for exit of a separated gas referred t ...

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A method and apparatus for reducing and removing mercury in industrial gases, such as a flue gas, produced by the combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal, adds sulfide ions to the flue gas as it passes through a scrubber. Ideally, the source of these sulfide ions may include at least one of: sulfid ...

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An electrochemical battery cell with an electrical lead for electrical contact between one of the cell's electrodes and the side of the cell container. A portion of the lead, disposed between the electrode assembly and the side wall of the container, includes an initially non-planar shape that is in ...

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An integrated marking system is described wherein means for marking or encoding information, preferably in the form of a plurality of machines, are linked and controlled in conjunction with means for processing information. Essentially, the means for processing information can be a software program, ...

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A method and system for removing SO.sub.3 and SO.sub.2 a flue gas produced by the burning of a fossil fuel. Particulates are removed from the flue gas to produce partially cleaned flue gas. A sufficient amount of calcium-based, sodium based or magnesium-based dry sorbent, preferably having a particl ...

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A method for fabricating sections of a floating offshore spar type structure and mating the sections offshore. A buoyant hard tank is fabricated vertically. The hard tank is then transported in a vertical orientation to a site where it is mated to a truss section of the spar structure offshore while ...