Ulf Stefan Berglund, Bjorn Henry Lundberg: Comfort control system incorporating weather forecast data and a method for operating such a system. Honeywell, Robert B Leonard, August 8, 2000: US06098893 (173 worldwide citation)

In a comfort controls system for multiple buildings (whether residential, commercial or industrial), a weather forecast unit sends weather forecast data over the Internet to a building management provider which handles building management services for a number of clients, each having a number of bui ...

James W Ratz, Robert J Schnell, Daniel T Uhrich: Electronic time thermostat with a temporary next period adjustment means. Honeywell, Robert B Leonard, July 27, 1993: US05230482 (126 worldwide citation)

A thermostat having a temporary "now" and "next" functions. The temporary "next" function allows the user to program a temporary deviation from a preprogrammed schedule used to control the temperature within a space. The combination temporary "now" and "next" function allows a user to temporarily se ...

James H Krueger, Jeffrey R Meyer, T Michael Tinsley: Temperature control with stored multiple configuration programs. Honeywell, Kris T Fredrick, Robert B Leonard, September 14, 1999: US05950709 (104 worldwide citation)

A thermostat which is configurable to be used with conventional fossil fuel furnaces, electric furnaces, heat pumps and other air conditioning equipment and fans. A setup program is included which requires an installer to enter data specific to the type of HVAC plant installed in the building with t ...

Robert M Kay: Sinusoidal noise injection into the dither of a ring laser gyroscope. Honeywell, Robert B Leonard, Craig J Lervick, May 16, 1995: US05416584 (98 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for reducing the effects of lock-in in a ring laser gyroscope. A sinusoidal noise signal is generated having a peak amplitude which shifts as a function of a dither drive monitor signal to new, random, peak amplitude levels. In the preferred embodiment, the peak amplitude level ...

Kurt L Elliason, Robert J Schnell, Philip J Bohrer, Gregory J Merten: Real time and/shed load based on received tier pricing and direct load control with processors for each load. Robert B Leonard, July 1, 1997: US05644173 (97 worldwide citation)

A method of employing add/shed routines to individual load controllers in a system for a building or plant that has more than one load. It allows for cooperative adjustments of energy usage in accord with prearranged exigency information agree between the utility provider and the building user. Duty ...

John T Adams: Thermostat control. Honeywell, Robert B Leonard, May 18, 1993: US05211332 (92 worldwide citation)

A process of operating an electronic thermostat so that it models the effects of a mechanical thermostat anticipator.

Douglas D Bird, Daniel T Uhrich: Thermostat with means for disabling PID control. Honeywell, Robert B Leonard, February 12, 1991: US04991770 (91 worldwide citation)

A thermostat is disclosed which includes a Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) controller and a means for disabling the PID controller for selected periods. The PID controller is disabled during a temperature recovery period, which can be triggered by the occurrence of one or more of many presele ...

Jeffrey R Meyer, Daniel Thomas Uhrich deceased: Flexible thermostat controller that permits various control point profiles when controlling multistage HVAC equipment. Honeywell, Robert B Leonard, August 15, 2000: US06101824 (83 worldwide citation)

A thermostat for use with multistage Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) plants where a proportional/integral control loop is present for each stage of the multistage HVAC plant. Filter constants, Ki and Kp as well as stage control points and interstage values can be set independently f ...

James W Ratz, Robert J Schnell: Communicating thermostat. Honeywell, Robert B Leonard, April 20, 1993: US05203497 (71 worldwide citation)

A thermostat providing external communication comprising two microprocessors. One microprocessor may be dedicated to the external communication while the other microprocessor runs the application programming. The thermostat is separated into a thermostat housing and subbase. One microprocessor may b ...

James W Ratz, Robert J Schnell, Daniel T Uhrich: Communicating thermostat. Honeywell, Robert B Leonard, March 30, 1993: US05197668 (65 worldwide citation)

A thermostat which includes a transceiver for receiving and sending communications externally of the thermostat. A thermostat receiving external communications from another thermostat includes an external temperature responsive portion to modify the setpoint of the receiving thermostat based on the ...

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