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An intravascular device and associated system which utilizes pressurized fluid to extract occlusive material. The device and system includes several unique features which provide desirable advantages over prior art devices. For example, the device is particularly suitable for removing occlusive mate ...

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A balloon catheter having an outer shaft and an inner shaft in which the inner shaft is constructed to protect itself over its entire length and especially in its most vulnerable areas without adversely effecting its flexibility, trackability, or pushability or the catheter's deflation time. The inn ...

Arnold Thornton: Method of treating cardiac conduction defects. Scimed Life Systems, Robert Atkinson, July 16, 1996: US05536247 (56 worldwide citation)

A method of treating cardiac conduction defects and/or congestive heart disease. The method involves identifying the branch arteries that feed blood to the specialized cardiac conduction cells of the heart and/or to any ischemic regions of the heart. Any occlusions in these arteries are then opened ...