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A compound having the formula ##STR1## or a pharmaceutically acceptible salt or prodrug thereof, is an immunomodulatory agent and is usefull in the treatment of restenosis and immune and autoimmune diseases. Also disclosed are cancer-, fungal growth-, restenosis-, post-transplant tissue rejection- a ...


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A composition suitable as an additive in down-hole fluid for inhibiting clay swelling in a down-hole formation is comprised of an aqueous solution of a quaternary amine-based cationic polyelectrolyte and salt(s). The cation of the salt(s) may be a divalent salt cation, a choline cation, are certain ...

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Novel metal-organic microporous materials are prepared in solution using mild reaction conditions from a metal or metalloid ion with a ligand containing multidentate functional groups in the presence of a templating agent. The resultant microporous materials are useful in the purification of liquids ...

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In a papermaking process a paper product is formed from a mineral filler containing cellulosic slurry. Retention performance is provided by the sequential addition of a cationic charge-biasing species, an anionic flocculant, and then a certain microparticle. A shear stage is interposed between the f ...

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Thickness-shear mode resonators which simultaneously measure mass deposition and fluid properties can be utilized to monitor petroleum processing, petrochemical and water treatment systems. Specialty chemical additive materials can be accurately and instantaneously added to control conditions detect ...

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A carboxylic containing superabsorbent polymer having a swell rate of at least 0.3 g./g.sec., a gel strength of about 40,000 to about 150,000 dynes/cm.sup.2, a centrifuge capacity at 30 minutes of about 20 to about 50 g/g, an absorption permeability under pressure at 60 minutes of at least 5 g/g at ...

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The present invention provides a composition and method of administering same for inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. The composition of the present invention includes sufficient amounts of a peracetic acid and a second organic biocide. The method of the present invention includes the step of a ...

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Semi-conductors can be polished with greater efficiency by using as a polishing agent a blend of colloidal silica or silica gel and a water-soluble amine.

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A method of treating hardness present in boiler waters which are in contact with heat transfer surfaces to prevent and remove scale caused by such hardness which comprises treating such waters with a water-soluble anionic vinyl polymer containing at least 30% by weight of carboxylate functionality w ...