George Schmidt: Hors doeuvre tray. M Kamenstein, Robert A Koons Jr, James W Pepper Hamilton Bolcsak, February 8, 2000: US06021914 (53 worldwide citation)

A nestable tray for holding food and a beverage glass at social gatherings, wherein the tray has an aperture and a slot continuous with the aperture and extending to the exterior of the tray for receiving the stem of a stemmed glass.

Greg Liegey: Method of conducting a fantasy sports game. Fantasy Sports, Robert A Koons Jr, Daniel Mark Maloney, Buchanan Ingersoll P C, December 30, 2003: US06669565 (53 worldwide citation)

A method of conducting a fantasy sports game is provided which includes increasing the points available for winning picks in later rounds and allowing participants to trade teams. The points awarded for picking the winning team may also be based on the Round of the tournament and the “seed” of the w ...

John E Aiken: Purification of glycerin. Sunoco, Robert A Koons Jr, Matthew P McWilliams, Drinker Biddle & Reath, October 24, 2006: US07126032 (49 worldwide citation)

A process for purifying glycerin recovered as a byproduct of biodiesel production comprises heating a glycerin effluent stream containing a low molecular weight alcohol, water and fatty acid esters of the low molecular weight alcohol to cause transesterification of the fatty acid esters to glyceride ...

James Franklin Cunningham, Torsten Wegner: Method for associating an asset with a monitoring device. Transport International Pool, Robert A Koons Jr, Armando A Flores, Drinker Biddle & Reath, December 12, 2006: US07148800 (47 worldwide citation)

A method for establishing an association in a remote computer database between an asset and an electronic device monitoring the asset, while minimizing the chances of an error in the association. The method is capable of being implemented by one user largely automatically. Establishing the associati ...

Donald W Stucke Jr, Pascal Golay, William Thomas Kearney III: Vent valve. Corning Consumer Products Company, Robert A Koons Jr, Kenneth Pepper Hamilton Crimaldi, April 25, 2000: US06053474 (44 worldwide citation)

The invention is a valve for a microwavable container having a flexible lid. The valve has two posts extending from one side of a body member, and the posts correspond to two apertures in the lid. The cross-sectional area of the posts are larger than the apertures in the lid, and the distal portions ...

Erik Essers: Scanning electron microscope. Robert A Koons Jr, Matthew P McWilliams, Buchanan Ingersoll P C, July 8, 2003: US06590210 (43 worldwide citation)

With a scanning electron microscope having an electron gun and a specimen chamber between which one or more pressure stage apertures are arranged, through whose orifices a primary electron beam can be deflected to a specimen in the specimen chamber, where the lowest pressure stage aperture (

James T Miller, Michael T McAlpin, Gordon Sanden, Mark L Snow: Cargo-carrying system for passenger aircraft. United Parcel Service General Services Co, James A Drobile, Robert A Koons Jr, Robert E Rosenthal, February 25, 1992: US05090639 (40 worldwide citation)

System for carrying cargo in a passenger aircraft having containers, floor panels, seat tracks, and cargo locks. Containers are dimensioned to pass through a passenger door of an aircraft, fit under the overhead luggage racks of the aircraft and, when one container is positioned on each side of the ...

Ronald L Lewis Jr: Double lumen introducing needle. Robert A Koons Jr, James Albert Drobile, June 19, 1990: US04935008 (34 worldwide citation)

An introducing needle having two lumens is disclosed. The lumens originate at the sharpened end of the needle in a parallel relationship. The first lumen is rectilinear along the entire longitudinal length of the needle and is adapted to engage a syringe barrel at the needle's hub end. The second lu ...

Sehyun Kim, Masaki Fujii: Polypropylene film having good drawability in a wide temperature range and film properties. Sunoco, Robert A Koons Jr, Karen C Richardson, Buchanan Ingersoll PC, July 22, 2003: US06596814 (31 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides polypropylene films and methods of making these films using high melt strength &bgr;-crystalline polypropylene. The films of the present invention are opaque, porous and have good physical properties, such as being capable of cold drawing to a thin gauge without breaki ...

Bruce Ancona, Jane Ancona: Kitchen unit. M Kamenstein, James Albert Drobile, Robert A Koons Jr, Robert E Rosenthal, February 18, 1992: US05088392 (29 worldwide citation)

A kitchen article having a body, the body having a bottom sidewalls, a supporting structure formed in the body for supporting a kitchen implement over a top of the body, a bowl formed in an upper portion of the body, a spout formed at one location in an upper portion of a wall of the bowl and extend ...