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Copolymers consisting of bisphenol-A ("BPA"), terephthalate ("TP"), and carbonate moieties in mol ratio from 2:0.8:1.2 to 2:1.3:0.7, which are melt processable in the sense of (a) showing no more than 10% change in viscosity number upon compression molding for 10 minutes at 320.degree. C. to form a ...

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Formed from trifunctional units (M) having attached, to one of two terminal carbon atoms of an alkylene hydrocarbon diradical, the functional group A', and having attached, to the other terminal carbon atom, a different functional group B' reactive with A' to form a linkage AB; and having attached, ...

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A process for poly(ester-carbonates) from dihydric phenols, especially bisphenol A; aromatic or cycloaliphatic dicarboxylic acids, especially terephthalic acid; and phosgene as carbonate precursor wherein a reaction of the acid and phosgene is carried out in a first stage forming dicarboxylic acid c ...

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A composition is described, useful as a thermoformable polymer, for producing shaped articles having high yield and impact strengths, good heat resistance, and good solvent resistance. The composition, which is cured, contains a crosslinked polycyanurate network polymer in which a high molecular wei ...

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Certain polyacetylenes exhibit reversible color changes at transition temperatures in the range -180.degree. to 220.degree. C., wherein the thermochromic cycles can be repeated many times with no apparent degradation and little change in spectroscopic properties.

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Production of polyethylene filaments of tenacity at least 30 g/d from a hot, supersaturated solution of high viscosity polyethylene having intrinsic viscosity of at least 11 dl/g, by contacting a length of such filament (functioning as a seed) simultaneously with a stationary arcuate surface and wit ...

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One embodiment of this invention is a specially folded steering wheel safety bag adapted to be mounted in a steering column of a vehicle to cushion the driver. Another embodiment is a specially folded passenger safety bag adapted to be mounted in the dashboard or in another area of the vehicle to cu ...

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Removal of sulfur dioxide from an aqueous solution containing the same is effected by subjecting the solution to electrodialytic water splitting. In particular SO.sub.2 is removed from dilute gas streams by means of alkaline solution scrubbing, regeneration of the scrubbing solution and liberation o ...

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A composition is described comprising at least two co-crystallized acetylenic compounds, of different chemical structures, each containing at least one --C.tbd.C-C.tbd.C-- group and substituents selected from the group consisting of sulfonate, urethane and alcohol radicals, at least one of the compo ...

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An improved process is described for producing hydrogen from carbon monoxide and water in which carbon monoxide is contacted under homogeneous conditions with an alkaline aqueous liquid phase containing a soluble rhodium-containing catalyst at a reaction temperature from about 100.degree. to 300.deg ...