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A toroidal shaped transponder unit is connected to a live power transmission line by means of a tripping mechanism and a hinge assembly. The unit includes means for sensing the temperature and current of the power transmission line and for transmitting the information to a local receiver. The toroid ...

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To deploy an inflatable member, such as an occupant restraint safety bag in a motor vehicle, a liquid propellant is expelled from a storage reservoir into a reaction chamber through ports created at frangible pressure points in the reservoir wall and ignited by detonation of an explosive charge to g ...

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A circuit breaker includes an operating mechanism having powerful mechanism springs to achieve the requisite contact pressures for high current carrying capacity. A single crank of a rotary handle through a relatively small arc of 120.degree. resets the operating mechanism via a reciprocating slide ...

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Various circuit breaker accessories, such as a shunt trip, an undervoltage release, an auxiliary switch, and a bell alarm, are individually packaged in a standardized molded insulative accessory case for ultimate factory or even field installation in a molded case, automatic power circuit breaker.

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A heat transfer arrangement for zinc oxide varistors comprises a metal heat sink disk held in contact with one face of the varistor by means of a circumferential elastic sleeve. The heat generated within the varistor rapidly conducts into and is absorbed by the metal disk and transmits through the e ...

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A compact three-pole circuit breaker is modularly constructed utilizing two identical operating mechanisms in controllably articulating three movable contact arms. The operating mechanisms are ganged together for concerted manual operation by an external handle tie and internal means intercoupling t ...

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An electrical receptacle assembly affording ground fault protection includes a housing containing fixed contacts supported by socket connector sub-assemblies. A support plate mounts an electronics/magnetics module and operating mechanism sub-assembly including a pivotal, movable contact carrying arm ...

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A metal oxide varistor (MOV) is directly electrically connected between a line conductor and ground to dissipate the energy associated with voltage surges appearing on the line conductor. A thermostatic switch, in the form of a resilient arm held in electrical connection with one of the MOV electrod ...

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The invention relates to apparatus for epitaxial processing using metal organic molecular beams. The MOMBE apparatus employs a manifold for supplying metal organic vapor to a reactor which is operated under vacuum. The manifold includes a bubbler in which MO vapor is formed and mixed with a carrier ...

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Demonstrator apparatus utilizes a display to portray in log-log coordinate scale the trip-time curve of a solid state (static) trip circuit breaker. A simulated static trip unit programmer is selectively adjustable to vary the shape and position of the displayed trip-time curve. An overlay bearing t ...