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The present invention provides multicomponent fine fiber webs and multilayer laminates thereof having an average fiber diameter less than about 7 micrometers and comprising a first olefin polymer component and a second distinct polymer component such as an amorphous polyolefin or polyamide. Multilay ...

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Disclosed herein are multicomponent fibers, and particularly sheath-and-core type multicomponent fibers including elastic polymers. The multicomponent fibers have at least three cross sectional elements, wherein a first cross sectional element is an outer sheath element, the second cross sectional e ...

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A process of forming a nonwoven fabric is disclosed which comprises the steps of forming a precursor web of multicomponent substantially continuous filaments, exposing the precursor web to a hydraulic arrangement treatment to form apertures without causing substantial filament entanglement, and ther ...

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Disclosed herein is a method for making fibrous web materials which may be used in or as absorbent core materials for absorbent products. The method involves providing loose fibers, entraining the fibers in a moving airstream, treating the fibers with an energy-activatable pre-polymer composition an ...

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The present invention provides continuous fiber nonwoven webs with high material formation uniformity and MD-to-CD balance of fiber directionality and material properties, as measured by a MD:CD tensile ratio of 1.2 or less, and desirably of about 1.0 or less, and laminates of the nonwoven webs. The ...

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The present invention provides a method and a container for sterilizing a soft contact lens and for providing a sterilized storage package of the soft contact lens maintained in a packaging solution. By using the method and container of the invention, deformations of soft contact lenses during autoc ...

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The present invention provides an efficient method for topically treating and drying fibrous web materials such as nonwoven web materials and nonwoven laminate materials without unduly damaging the materials due to excessive heating during drying.

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A porous polymeric sheet is provided having an electrostatic charge and comprising a zero-three composite of a polymeric matrix and a ferroelectric material dispersed therein. The polymeric component comprises a non-polar thermoplastic polymer, such as a polyolefin, and a second thermoplastic polyme ...

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A container liner, shelf liner or drawer liner that will absorb liquids spilled or leaked into a container or onto a shelf or drawer. The liner is a layered product having a layer which is impervious to liquids and an absorbent layer. The absorbent layer further contains a material which is capable ...

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The invention provides a method for controlling the width of a plurality of extruded filaments comprising providing a polymer supply and an extrusion die comprising a plurality of extrusion capillaries and a plurality of counterbores allowing fluid communication between the extrusion capillaries and ...