McCoy Frederic C, Eckert George W: Process of preparing novel micro emulsions. Texaco, Whaley Thomas H, Ries Carl G, April 8, 1975: US3876391 (57 worldwide citation)

This invention concerns a process for preparing water-in-petroleum type of micro emulsions. These emulsions are stable and clear and contain substantially greater quantities of water-soluble additives than it is normally possible to disperse when using the petroleum fraction alone.

Redford David Arthur: Method for establishing communication path in viscous petroleum-containing formations including tar sand deposits for use in oil recovery operations. Texaco Exploration Canada, Whaley Thomas H, Ries Carl G, Park Jack H, September 30, 1975: US3908762 (52 worldwide citation)

Many oil recovery techniques for viscous oil recovery such as recovery of bitumen from tar sand deposits, including steam injection and in situ combustion, require establishment of a high permeability interwell fluid flow path in the formation. The method of the present invention comprises forming a ...

Kablaoui Mahmoud S, Reid Robert E, Godfrey Arthur W: Automatic transmission fluid. Texaco, Whaley Thomas H, Ries Carl G, April 22, 1975: US3879306 (52 worldwide citation)

Automatic transmission fluid composition and concentrates thereof comprising a major amount of a lubricating oil and a friction modifying amount of an N-(hydroxyalkyl) alkenyl succinamic acid or a mixture of N-(hydroxyalkyl) alkenyl succinamic acid and N-(hydroxyalkyl) alkenyl succinimide. In additi ...

Tate Jack F: Method for stimulating well production. Texaco, Whaley Thomas H, Ries Carl G, February 12, 1974: US3791446 (27 worldwide citation)

The production of hydrocarbons from a subterranean hydrocarbon-bearing formation containing acid-soluble components, such as one composed at least in part of dolomite or limestone, is stimulated by injecting into the formation a composition comprising an aqueous solution of a mineral acid having dis ...

McGahey Dean C, Vest Eugene W, Mayer Edward A: Automatic fuel metering nozzle for a closed system. Texaco, Whaley Thomas H, Ries Carl G, Burns Robert B, September 30, 1975: US3908721 (26 worldwide citation)

An automatically operating fuel dispensing nozzle adapted to function within a sealed fuel system. In particular a signal system embodied within the nozzle which functions to permit a tank topping-off flow, and also automatically adjust said system in response to a positive pressure build-up within ...

Johnson Everette M, Vermillion Herbert E, Wetmiller Robert S: Service station gasoline vapor recovery system. Texaco, Whaley Thomas H, Ries Carl G, February 12, 1974: US3791422 (26 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to apparatus and method to avoid pollution of the atmosphere due to the passage of gasoline fumes into the latter. The system functions in conjunction with a service station which in its operation transfers gasoline from a storage tank to a motor vehicle. The apparatus includes ...

Seni Leonard S, Davis James E, Harrison Henry R: Dual purpose cutting oil. Texaco, Whaley Thomas H, Ries Carl G, Priem Kenneth R, December 30, 1975: US3929652 (24 worldwide citation)

A dual purpose cutting oil is provided which serves as a heavy duty cutting oil and a machine lubricant. The oil comprises a base oil, an extreme pressure agent comprising primarily Bis (.beta.-chlorophenethyl) disulfide and a copper corrosion inhibitor comprising an alkyl derivative of 2,5-di-merca ...

Allen Joseph C, Tate Jack F: Vertical downward gas-driven miscible blanket flooding oil recovery process. Texaco, Whaley Thomas H, Ries Carl G, April 22, 1975: US3878892 (22 worldwide citation)

A vertical downward gas-driven miscible blanket oil recovery process wherein the spreading rate of the solvent blanket on top of the oil column is increased by adding to or using with the conventional solvent a high density solvent such as carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride or certain halogenate ...

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Compounds of Group I alkali metals i.e., Na, K, Li, or mixtures thereof are added to the feed to the reaction zone of a partial oxidation synthesis gas generator in order to raise the level of said alkali metals to a value in the range of about 350 to 13,000 parts per million (basis weight of hydroc ...

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Gamma ray spectra of earth formations surrounding an open or cased well borehole are obtained by exciting subsurface formation elements around the borehole with pulsed neutrons and detecting the gamma rays resulting from capture in the subsurface formation of thermalized neutrons from a capture gamm ...