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Recovery of hydrocarbons from underground hydrocarbon-bearing formations is effected by the injection of a slug of a hydrocarbon solvent containing a mono-unsaturated secondary alcohol followed by water containing a sulfate salt of a fatty alcohol. Optionally, a slug of water or brine may be injecte ...

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A surfactant composition usable in the presence of from about 500 to about 5,000 parts per million polyvalent ion concentrations, such as calcium and/or magnesium, comprising a sulfated aliphatic anionic surfactant such as sodium tridecyl sulfate, a water soluble guanidine salt such as guanidine hyd ...

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The combination of an internal combustion engine having means for providing additional air adjacent the exhaust valves thereof, valve means for back pressure control in the exhaust system, and an acoustic catalytic muffler having compounds capable of reducing lead products of combustion in exhaust g ...

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A graft polymer and lubricating oil compositions thereof, said polymer functioning as a multipurpose lube oil additive having viscosity index improving properties, pour depressing properties and detergent-dispersant properties, said graft polymer comprising an oil soluble substantially linear hydroc ...

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An ignition system for internal combustion engines. It has an oscillator to produce continuous-wave high-frequency spark energy, and includes a control winding for starting and stopping the oscillator during controlled engine-timed intervals. There is electronic time-delay control for stopping the o ...

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A quick action firing assembly for charging and suddenly releasing gas under pressure in a seismic energy generator for offshore subsurface exploration, for example, comprising a hollow, elongated valve having equal and opposite surfaces and means for charging the generator through the valve with hi ...

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A pulsed source of high energy neutrons is used to irradiate the earth formations in the vicinity of a well borehole. Gamma rays produced by the inelastic scattering of the fast neutrons are observed in four energy regions of the gamma ray energy spectrum corresponding to the inelastic scattering of ...

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Cyclohexyl benzenes may be selectively oxydehydrogenated to yield aryl aromatics; by-products may be selectively removed by cracking.

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An illustrative embodiment of the invention includes method and apparatus for linearizing the gain of borehole gamma ray energy measurement apparatus. A known energy peak (or peaks) which is prominent in the gamma ray energy spectra of borehole measurements is monitored and any drift in its apparent ...

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Lubricating oils of superior copper corrosion inhibiting properties may be made using an additive of 3,5-bis(alkyldithio)-4-substituted isothiazoles as additives.