Michael Campbell: Controllable vortex generator. Richardson & Folise, August 6, 2002: US06427948 (38 worldwide citation)

A controllable vortex generator for reducing aerodynamic drag when vortex generation is not desired. The vortex generator includes a fin having a fixed forward portion and an aft portion which is movable between deflected and undeflected positions. At least a portion of the fin is formed of a memory ...

Darrell A Igelmund: Computer slot security adaptor. Richardson & Folise, May 8, 2001: US06227017 (32 worldwide citation)

A security device for securing portable equipment having a security slot in the chassis of the equipment, comprising an attachment having a slot-mating head and an axially movable head locking member which is inserted into the slot after the head to prevent rotation and removal of the head from the ...

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The present invention refers to a method of producing a tubular lining ho in particular for use in sewer reconstruction work, comprising the steps of forming at least one fibrous strip into a curable, resin-impreganted hose. The inner side of the resultant lining hose is provided with a protective f ...

H Eugene Hall, Ray Beddo: Safety device for the proprioception impaired. Richardson & Folise, September 10, 1996: US05554975 (26 worldwide citation)

A safety cane incorporates an ambient light sensitive illumination device for conserving battery power. A tipping detector is also incorporated which sounds an audible alarm after a first time delay. If the cane is not retrieved by the end of the second time delay, the cane broadcasts an initiating ...

John P Stewart, Thurmond R Smith, Gary M Gunderson: Orthogonal high accuracy microscope stage. Applied Precision, Richardson & Folise, September 22, 1998: US05812310 (23 worldwide citation)

A high accuracy, orthogonal motion stage for microscopes and the like uses three frames for orthogonal motion. The lower most frame has provided thereon a series of downwardly depending ramps. An actuator plate having correspondingly positioned, upwardly directed ramps is translated with respect to ...

Frank J Martin: Pin tumbler cabinet door and drawer deadlocking latch-lock. Frank J Martin Company, Richardson & Folise, August 19, 1997: US05657652 (22 worldwide citation)

A deadlocking, self-latching lock for cabinet doors and drawers employs a unitary shell with an adjacent main bolt and self-latching deadlocking bolt. A pivoting locking arm prevents external retraction of the main bolt without the use of a key.

Hsu Yun Bin: Ambidextrous vertical inverted handed cam lock. Olympus Lock, Richardson & Folise, April 14, 1998: US05737950 (19 worldwide citation)

An ambidextrous vertical inverted handed cam lock for cabinet doors and drawers has a conventional pin tumbler cylinder and plug assembly. An arcuately movable bolt is journaled for rotation about a rearwardly extending portion of the plug. A conventional lazy cam drives the bolt. An arcuately repos ...

Frank J Martin: Integrated cabinet door and drawer handle and lock. Olympus Lock, Richardson & Folise, July 2, 2002: US06412317 (15 worldwide citation)

An integrated cabinet door and drawer handle and lock provides a front piece having apertures for receipt of a cabinet door or drawer lock and a human hand. Optionally, a wire pull handle can be provided. A backing plate having a transverse lip thereon is adapted for telescoping interaction with the ...

Robert Whitefield: Barbecuing and smoking device. Richardson & Folise, March 14, 2000: US06035770 (14 worldwide citation)

A barbecuing and smoking device for smoking and cooking meats and other foods. The device includes a housing having a base, a removable lid, at least one food rack mounted within the housing and a chimney mounted to the lid. A heat source, preferably an electrical heating element, is mounted to a he ...

Douglas X Huang: Apparatus for dispensing particulate condiments. Richardson & Folise, November 28, 1995: US05469988 (14 worldwide citation)

A device for dispensing particulate condiments comprising a condiment hopper translatably mounted on a transfer plate having a gated reservoir for receiving and dispensing condiments from the hopper. The invention also includes a method for dispensing particulate condiments comprising translating an ...