Tibor Koros, Gabriel Koros: Expandable spinal implants. Richard Slehofer, November 9, 1999: US05980522 (453 worldwide citation)

The invention is an expandable box-shaped spinal implant used to fuse adjacent vertebra in the patient's spine. The implant includes three interlocking parts, which are the superior section, the inferior section, and the U-shaped expander cap. The Box-shaped expandable spinal implant is formed by ma ...

Kenneth Thompson: Peel off coupon redemption card and tracking system. Kenneth Thompson, Debra Tak Thompson, Richard Slehofer, March 26, 1996: US05501491 (83 worldwide citation)

A coupon redemption card and tracking system includes a credit card size redemption coupon card used by the customer, and a tracking sheet used by the redemption center such as a restaurant. The redemption card has a plurality of mini coupons, which can be peeled off individually. Each redeemed coup ...

George Q Morris: Throttle configuration achieving high velocity channel at partial opening. Richard Slehofer, January 1, 1985: US04491106 (25 worldwide citation)

A carburetion system for an internal combustion engine wherein the cooperation of throttle blades with the throttle body forms channels for high velocity fuel/air mixture flow at part throttle conditions. Fuel is introduced into air flowing through the main intake passage upstream of throttle blades ...

Tibor Koros, Gabriel Koros: Rongeur surgical instrument. Richard Slehofer, January 16, 1996: US05484441 (21 worldwide citation)

A rongeur surgical instrument is disclosed which has an actuating mechanism providing a variable degree of mechanical advantage for operation of the cutting element in the instrument. During the cutting stroke the rate of movement steadily decreases, while the degree of precision of movement and the ...

Hjalmar A Aaland: Clamshell action post hole digger. Richard Slehofer, December 26, 1995: US05478128 (8 worldwide citation)

A clam shell action post hole digger includes a pair of opposed movable shovel blades pivotally attached to a cross brace. A combination stationary shaft and an inner movable rod are secured to the cross brace. The rod and shaft each has a handle attached at the upper end to allow the rod to rotate ...

Phillip M Ramos Jr: Electrical connector assembly. Richard Slehofer, February 23, 1999: US05873744 (7 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector is provided which includes a plug and a socket, and in which the plug is latched to the socket after the plug has been inserted into the socket to maintain the electric contacts of the plug and socket in contact with one another, and which includes an abrasive affixed to at l ...