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Laundry detergent compositions comprising C.sub.12 -C.sub.14 dimethyl hydroxyethyl quaternary ammonium cationic surfactants in combination with certain modified polyamines which provide increased fabric cleaning benefits.

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Disclosed are cyclic peptide analogs that are MC-4 and/or MC-3 receptor ligands, the analogs having a structure according to Formula (I):

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Modified starch encapsulated High Impact Accord (HIA) perfume particles are disclosed. The particles consist of a modified starch and perfume oil encapsulated by the starch and comprised of at least two HIA perfume ingredients which have a boiling point at 760 mm Hg, of 275° C. of lower, a calculate ...

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A unit packaged detergent comprises a detergent composition wrapped in a film made of a water-dissolvable material. The water-dissolvable material protects the wrapped detergent from dissolution until the start of a main wash of a dishwashing machine. At least one outer side of the water-dissolvable ...

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Glassy particles containing agents useful for laundry and cleaning products (preferably perfumes, bleaching agents, soil release polymers), and laundry and cleaning products containing these glassy particles. The particles comprise a glass derived from one or more at least partially water-soluble hy ...

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Bleach boosters comprising quaternary imine zwitterions are disclosed. The bleach boosters increase bleaching effectiveness in lower temperature solutions and demonstrate superior color safety profiles. The bleach boosters are ideally suited for inclusion into bleaching compositions including those ...

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Laundry detergent compositions that provide soil release benefits to all fabric comprising modified polyamine cotton soil release agents and non-cotton soil release agents, and a method for providing soil release benefits to cotton fabric by contacting cotton articles with a water soluble and/or dis ...

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Soil release agents which comprise: an ester backbone comprising (1) units selected from dihydroxy or polyhydroxy sulfonate (e.g., a sulfoethyl ether of glycerin), a unit which is at least trifunctional whereby ester linkages are formed resulting in a branched oligomer backbone (e.g., glycerol), or ...

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Oligomeric or polymeric substituted or unsubstituted ethylene terephthalate esters comprising fluorescent whitening groups useful as soil release agents in laundry detergent compositions are described. The soil release agents of the present invention are especially suitable for use with polyester an ...

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A laundry agent delivery particle is provided. The particle comprises: a) a porous carrier selected from the group consisting of Zeolite X, Zeolite Y and mixtures thereof, the porous carrier including a number of pore openings; and b) a release barrier having at least one deliverable agent residue a ...