Linda G Russek: Alarm for patient monitor and life support equipment. Richard R Mybeck, Peter B Scull, July 9, 1996: US05534851 (361 worldwide citation)

An alarm system for notifying necessary medical and hospital personnel that a patient or the patient's life support equipment require immediate response without providing the alarm signal to the monitored patient or surrounding patients, to prevent patient trauma which may otherwise result from the ...

Mitchell S Wortzman: Skin protective composition. Neutrogena Corporation, Richard R Mybeck, April 11, 1989: US04820508 (203 worldwide citation)

A skin protective composition for topical application to mammalian skin for protection from infrared radiation containing titanium dioxide and mica or coated mica as its principal active reagents.

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New tetrapeptides bearing modified phenethyl amides are elucidated and syesized and found to exhibit tumor inhibiting effects when measured against the NCI screen for six major types of human cancer and against the murine P388 lymphocytic cell line. The new modified tetrapeptides phenethyl amides ar ...

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Means and methods for obtaining the separation of large area semiconductor pitaxial device layers from the substrates on which they are grown, the transfer of the grown epi layers to a new host substrate for mounted alignment with features of the new host, and reuse of the original substrate.

Asim Roy: Pattern classification using linear programming. Arizona Board of Regents acting on behalf of Arizona State University, Richard R Mybeck, March 29, 1994: US05299284 (119 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus (system) is provided for the separation into and the identification of classes of events wherein each of the events is represented by a signal vector comprising the signals x1, x2, . . . , xj, . . . , xn. The system in principle is different from neural networks and statistica ...

Gregory B Raupp, Lynette A Dibble: Gas-solid photocatalytic oxidation of environmental pollutants. Arizona Board of Regents a body corporate acting on behalf of Arizona State University, Richard R Mybeck, September 3, 1991: US05045288 (115 worldwide citation)

Means and methods employing gas-solid heterogenous photocatalysis ("GSHP") to counteract the widespread occurrence of groundwater and air polluted by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as trichloroethylene (TCE) and non-volatile organic compounds such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and the ...

George R Pettit, Jayaram K Srirangam: Elucidation and synthesis of selected pentapeptides. Arizona Board of Regents, Richard R Mybeck, July 14, 1998: US05780588 (114 worldwide citation)

The sea hare Dolabella auricularia has yielded many structurally distinct peptides which possess antineoplastic activity. Presently the compound denominated "dolastatin 10" represents the most important of such peptides because of its demonstrated potential as an anticancer drug.

John B Simms: Bicycle safety light. John B Simms, Georgene M Simms, Richard R Mybeck, August 22, 1989: US04860177 (98 worldwide citation)

A bicycle safety light which improves the visibility of the bicycle and rider in low light conditions via a constantly moving and converging pattern of light rows which visually direct and emphasize to a following viewer the center position of the rider and the bicycle.

Alice Fryslie: Protective bandaging device. Richard R Mybeck, May 26, 1987: US04667666 (83 worldwide citation)

A protective bandaging device having a foraminous flat or domed shaped upper surface supported by relatively rigid impervious side walls depending downwardly therefrom to an outreaching flange having a layer of a suitable medical grade adhesive disposed upon the lower surface thereof which, upon rem ...

James L Kuester: Process of producing liquid hydrocarbon fuels from biomass. Arizona Board of Regents, Richard R Mybeck, July 7, 1987: US04678860 (82 worldwide citation)

A continuous thermochemical indirect liquefaction process to convert various biomass materials into diesel-type transportation fuels which fuels are compatible with current engine designs and distribution systems comprising feeding said biomass into a circulating solid fluidized bed gasification sys ...