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An article packaging kit, system and method which system includes a flat, corrugated, cardboard sheet material having a central horizontal fold line and two vertical fold lines to define a base and two end portions. The system includes a flexible plastic sleeve or tube which loosely fits about a por ...

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A differential pore-collapsed separation membrane particularly useful as a gas-separation membrane and a method of preparing such differential pore-collapsed membrane, which method comprises treating an asymmetric membrane, while under one-sided constraint, with a treating solution comprising a vola ...

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A safe, rechargeable, battery-containing power pack having a housing, a battery compartment for batteries to supply DC power to a battery-operated device, a printed circuit board to provide for the recharging of the batteries employing AC household power, and an interlock plug to act as an interlock ...

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An adjustable monitor support apparatus to support a monitor in a viewing position, which apparatus includes a generally vertical base with a shaft, shaft bushing and outer sleeve; a monitor arm secured at the one end to the shaft housing for rotation about the shaft, and having a generally horizont ...

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A transdermal drug delivery system useful for the controlled, for example zero order release of one or more drugs to a selected skin area of a user, which system comprises an impervious backing sheet and a face membrane, the backing sheet and membrane secured together to form an intermediate reservo ...

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A vapor dispenser which comprises a reservoir to contain a nonflowing liquid whose vapor is to be dispensed into the environment and an outer covering about the reservoir which includes a membrane vapor-emitting surface through which the vapor is dispensed from the reservoir to the environment.

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A test device, system and method, the device composed of an elongated, toothbrush-shaped, transparent, plastic housing and a lateral-flow test strip for the detection of an analyte, such as a beta-lactam in milk, in the housing, the housing having an expansion cavity to receive expanded, liquid-cont ...

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The invention concerns a test apparatus for the testing of a test sample on or in a material, such as body fluids or food, particularly adapted to a bioluminescent test, such as for the detection of ATP or phosphatase or other materials. The test apparatus includes a transparent tube having at one e ...

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A controlled charge chromatography column for the purification of a fluid containing materials, which column comprises a chromatographic column having an inlet for the introduction of a fluid to be purified and an outlet for the discharge of the purified fluid, and one or more concentrated materials ...