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A system for vending insurance policies includes stand-alone, interactive self-service terminals coupled to a central office over a communication link. The terminals are normally off-line, but periodically are placed on line for transmitting data to, and updates from, the central office. The termina ...

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In a method of manufacturing an ultrasonic transducer array a plurality of discrete transducer elements are formed on an initially flat flexible substrate together with electrically conductive tracks, through which the transducer elements will be energised in use, the flexible substrate with the dis ...

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The internal examination of a human organ (3) is made by means of an ultrasonic probe (2) inserted into the organ (3), analogue echo signals from the probe being converted to digital signals (8) which are then stored in a digital computer (10) where they are manipulated to produce a variety of three ...

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There is disclosed an improved prosthesis coated, respectively, with an ionic surfactant, an antibiotic and/or antithrombiotic agent and treated with an immobilizing ionic exchange compound, to remove un-antibiotic bound ionic surfactant. The drug may be encapsulated within phospholipid vesicles whi ...

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A gambling game includes a housing; a first wheel of a first diameter rotatably mounted in the housing and having an exposed surface with a first plurality of numbers on a circumferential area thereof and a plurality of colors, each associated with one number; a second wheel of a second diameter sma ...

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A fixation device comprises an outer hollow elongate member having a plurality of holes in its outer wall, and an inner member carrying a plurality of pins, such that the device is placed in a suitable cavity and the pins are extended through the respective holes.

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A method for coating surfaces, for which a precursor material is caused to react with the help of plasma and the reaction product is deposited on a surface, the reaction as well as the deposition taking place at atmospheric pressure, such that a plasma jet is generated by passing a working gas throu ...

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A flexible foldable keyboard apparatus includes a flexible foldable keyboard (101) having a key defining plane (102), an interface device and phone supporting device (103). The phone supporting device (103) is arranged to unfold from a storage configuration, in which the phone supporting device (103 ...

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A communication system includes a number of terminals, each allowing the input of a text message represented as digital symbols, and storing the text message, and including modems for encoding the text message for transmission via a public telecommunications network to a remote terminal, the termina ...

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The present invention relates to compositions and methods for inhibiting protein aging. Accordingly, a composition is disclosed which comprises an agent or compound capable of inhibiting the formation of advanced glycosylation end products of target proteins by reacting with the carbonyl moiety of t ...