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A tibial spacer saw guide for guiding the resection of a bony defect of the lateral or medial condyle of the proximal tibia to accommodate a spacer to be implanted beneath a tibial baseplate of a tibial prosthesis. The saw guide includes a plate having a plurality of locating holes corresponding in ...

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A method of verifying cardiac capture. A cardiac signal evoked in response to a cardiac stimulation pulse is sensed via an electrode. The sensed signal is lowpass filtered to remove noise and to pass frequencies characteristic of the evoked cardiac signal. The filtered signal is processed to render ...

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A capture detection circuit for an implantable cardiac stimulator. A signal detected by an electrode in the heart following delivery of a stimulating pulse is amplified, bandpass and highpass filtered, rectified, integrated over a selected window of time starting at a selected delay after delivery o ...

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An instrument for holding an acetabular cup. An elongate hollow tubular member has a proximal end and a distal end and a generally transverse end face at the distal end. A pair of pins extend axially outwardly from the transverse end face. An elongate rod is mounted within the elongate hollow tubula ...

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An implantable prosthesis comprises a polyethylene prosthetic member that is substantially transparent to x-rays and a radiographic marker that is substantially opaque to x-rays. The radiographic marker is configured as a tension spring arranged as a continuous ring encircling the prosthetic member.

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An implantable cardiac stimulator delivers a first electrical shock via implantable stimulating electrodes at a time when there is substantially no flow of blood. At least one of the stimulating electrodes is disposed in a blood flow path of the cardiovascular system. The first shock is of insuffici ...

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A method and apparatus for processing data to be communicated between an implantable medical device and an external medical device to improve detectability of communication errors. An encoded block of data including message data and redundant data is processed by converting alternating data values o ...

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The present invention relates to prosthetic knee devices providing for an expanded range of translational movement without substantially reducing the risk of inadvertent dislocation of the knee when implanted. The devices of the invention achieve the expanded range of motion without requiring a subs ...

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A solar collector involves an elongate main boom having a longitudinal axis and a solar collector frame. Brackets are provided for pivotally mounting the solar collector frame to the main boom for pivotal motion about a first pivotal axis substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the main b ...

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A method of communicating data between an external device and an implantable medical device wherein a first pulse is transmitted as electromagnetic energy from one device to the other, is received and stored as electrostatic energy in the second device and, after a delay period representing data to ...