Robert A Anderson: Light emitting diode lamp. Uniglo Canada, Richard J Hicks, November 19, 1996: US05575459 (325 worldwide citation)

A light emitting diode array mounted on a printed circuit board is provided with capacitive means to reduce voltage, mounted in a glass tube and provided with a standard candelabra or other base for insertion into a light socket in a slim line exit or other sign. In a preferred embodiment the circui ...

Henk W Wevers: Artificial ligament. Queen s University at Kingston, Richard J Hicks, Stanley E Johnson, January 27, 1981: US04246660 (226 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic ligament device comprising an elastic element securable to the underlying bone structure by means of a quick release bayonet-type fitting which permits rotational movement during engagement at one end and a length adjusting means at the other end thereof. The elastic element comprises a ...

Henk W Wevers: Tibial prosthesis. Queen s University at Kingston, Richard J Hicks, September 6, 1988: US04769040 (189 worldwide citation)

An improved tibial plateau prosthesis is described in which a baseplate is anatomically peripherally shaped and provided with a knife edge perimeter which cuts into the soft tissue outer edge of the epiphyseal shell of the tibia and effectively caps the tibia. Hoop stresses are reduced, and the use ...

Theodore D Cooke, Gerald A B Saunders, David Siu: Orthopaedic bone cutting jig and alignment device. Queen s University at Kingston, Richard J Hicks, March 11, 1986: US04574794 (165 worldwide citation)

An orthopaedic bone cutting jig and alignment frame for facilitating a series of controlled, precise bone cuts to fit selected prosthetic knees which promote bone imgrowth and do not rely upon cement for fixation.

Glenn A Orton: Cryptographic method for communication and electronic signatures. Richard J Hicks, March 22, 1994: US05297206 (139 worldwide citation)

A cryptographic method for communication and electronic signatures is described. The system includes at least one encoding device coupled to at least one decoding device by a communications channel. The method is a form of public-key or two-key cryptosystem, where the private decoding key is not fea ...

Morteza Shirkanzadeh: Method for depositing bioactive coatings on conductive substrates. Queen s University at Kingston, Richard J Hicks, April 27, 1993: US05205921 (119 worldwide citation)

A process for electro depositing bioactive coatings, such as calcium phosphate or aluminum oxide, onto conductive substrates, such as prosthetic implant devices, is described. An electrolyte bath containing an aqueous solution of the desired oxide or phosphate is prepared with an inert anode such as ...

Randy E Ellis: Method and apparatus for CT image registration. Queen s University at Kingston, Richard J Hicks, June 3, 1997: US05636255 (119 worldwide citation)

A method and system for correlating accuracy of computer tomography (CT) image resolution is described. Small radio-opaque markers having a diameter less than one slice width of a CT scan are embedded in the object, such as a bony skeletal member, to be measured, the object is then CT scanned so tha ...

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A thin plate patello-femoral-tibial resurfacing prosthesis is described. The patellar component is a metallic shell which is designed to be as thin as possible so as to retain maximum natural bone thickness and hence strength. The metallic patellar component articulates with a plastic insert in a me ...

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A process for producing nanocrystalline materials, and in particular nanocrystalline nickel having an average grain size of less than about 11 nanometers and ternary and quaternary nickel-iron alloys, such as NiFeCr and NiFeCrMn alloys, having a grain size less than about 100 nm is described. The na ...

David W Schindel, David A Hutchins: Air coupled ultrasonic transducer. Queen s University, Richard J Hicks, February 15, 1994: US05287331 (77 worldwide citation)

An acoustic transducer which is operable in air up to at least 2MHz is described. A conducting substrate, usually a silicon wafer is etched to provide a selected pattern of micro pits up to about 30 .mu.m or more deep. A dielectric film, such as a polyimide film is placed over the etched surface so ...