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An endoscopic surgical instrument assembly including a support sheath, a miniature medical implement member, and a securing mechanism for securing the support sheath and the medical implement member together in fixed relationship. The securing mechanism is adapted for securing the miniature medical ...

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A trapezium-metacarpal thumb joint prosthesis having a metacarpal component for insertion into a metacarpal bone of a human thumb and a trapezium component for insertion into a trapezium bone of a human thumb. The metacarpal component has a forward end of generally truncated hemispherical shape with ...

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Fiber optic cable containing a core of S-Z stranded strands comprising optical fibers having first and second alternatively repeating first and second sections, a sheath circumscribing the core, and a plurality of indicators located beneath the sheath and in a medial position between a corresponding ...

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A method of therapeutically administering certain medicaments in order to maximize the desired effects and minimize the unwanted metabolite effects on the human body, including the central nervous system, in order to maximize therapeutic effects, such as anti-anxiety, anticonvulsant and hypnotic eff ...

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A polymeric resin composition comprising a polymeric resin in particulate form coated with an additive agent adhered to the surfaces of the resin particles by a coating of thermoplastic adhesive binder between the particles and the agent.

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A novel recreational rocking-chair for use in summer resorts and the like. The chair is constructed from a tubular frame comprising a base portion with four legs supporting an upstanding C-shaped support arm. A rigid lounge portion is pivotally suspended from the upper end of the C-shaped support ar ...

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A water-tight optical fiber communications cable constructed without the use of a viscous water-blocking compound other than in the buffer tubes thereof. One or more water swellable yarns are helically wrapped around the central strength member to absorb any water which may be present in the interst ...

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A method and device for teaching a given language to one or more users in an entertaining manner is provided utilizing a media series for teaching a given language to one or more users, particularly young children. The media series contains the given language as well as language other than the given ...

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A radial inflow centrifugal filter device for separating fine particulates from a fluid flow, including a rotatable plurality of hollow parallel disks mounted in spaced apart relationship and attached via spacers to a tube. The hollow drive tube is in flow communication with the interior hollow plen ...