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A bistable deformable mirror device (DMD) pixel architecture is disclosed, wherein the torsion hinges are placed in a layer different from the torsion beam layer. This results in pixels which can be scaled to smaller dimensions while at the same time maintaining a large fractional active area, an im ...

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A resonant mirror is disclosed which comprises a deflectable mirror generally planar with the stop surface of a substrate. The mirror is suspended adjacent the top surface by at least two supporting elements. At least one supporting element is displaced from an edge of the mirror. The supporting ele ...

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An emulation device including a serial scan testability interface having at least first and second scan paths, and state machine circuitry connected and responsive to said second scan path generally operable for emulation control of logical circuitry associated with said emulation device.

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A test set socket adaptor (20) comprises a substrate (28), a plurality of cantilever beams (32) and a package (30). A bare chip (22) may be inserted into and held by the test socket adaptor (20) for insertion into a standard test socket. The cantilevers (32) are designed to deflect and compensate fo ...

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A PFC controller (FIG. 5) provides power factor correction and peak current limiting for a switch-mode power converter of any topology (buck, boost or buck-boost), without having to directly sense inductor current. The PFC control technique involves using a piecewise-polynomial analog computer (AC) ...

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A speaker voice verification system uses temporal decorrelation linear transformation and includes a collector for receiving speech inputs from an unknown speaker claiming a specific identity, a word-level speech features calculator operable to use a temporal decorrelation linear transformation for ...

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System for processing teletext information which makes it possible practically without any delay to reproduce the information pages transmitted by television transmitters on the screen of a television set, the updated state of the reproduced pages being ensured. The system includes a buffer (46) for ...

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Circuitry and a method are provided for selectively switching a negative voltage (-V.sub.nn) to portions of CMOS integrated circuits, which circuitry comprises a switching/decoding matrix. The switching/decoding matrix comprises a control and decode logic (CDL) which controls signal VPPENABLE to con ...

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An extremely small minimum scaled Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor, MOS, transistor is manufactured by forming a trench in a semiconductor substrate, forming a gate in the trench, and then forming source and drain regions. The source and drain regions may be diffused into the semiconductor substrate and an ...

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Circuitry is provided for controlling current in an electronic circuit by determining a rating of the electronic circuit in response to a measured propagation of a signal during a fixed period of time and by controlling current through an output node of the electronic circuit in response to the rati ...